Due Date: November 3, 2019

The HERE Mapathon: Map Your World 2019 is open for entries. Map your world to inform a fascinating story utilizing information and visualization! This obstacle is open to everybody all over the world.

Here Technologies is a business that offers mapping and area information and associated services to people and business. Invite to HERE, where abundant area information, smart items and effective tools come together to drive your organisation forward.

The Obstacle

Information plays an important function in today’s society, and over 80% of it has a place connection. While there is a substantial quantity of public information readily available, information rendering and display screen is still a difficulty. Big information sets generally need time and knowledge to procedure and translate, making it almost difficult for most of individuals to understand it.

HERE has actually established a service to assist conquer this obstacle. With HERE XYZ you can quickly envision your geospatial information on a map and understand it by utilizing images, color codes, and shapes. Merely publish your own or a public geospatial dataset and begin developing your map!

Your obstacle is to explain briefly what details you wish to envision on your future map that might be advantageous for you, your neighborhood, the environment or our society at big. When you are chosen, you’ll be directed by coaches to produce map( s) utilizing XYZ Studio.

The winning tasks will get as much as $10,000 United States in prize money!


  • Movement
  • Sustainability
  • Cities & Society
  • Economics & Market
  • Health
  • Sports & Activities
  • Nature & Environment
  • A subject of your option


  • Top place: $10,000 United States
  • 2nd location: $5,000 United States
  • 3rd location: $2,500 United States
  • 4th to Tenth location: $200 United States
  • Audience reward: $1,000 United States


  • The Map your world Mapathon is open to anybody!
  • Whether you’re a beginner who wishes to envision a subject that matters to you, an information specialist developing a map for your job or a designer leveraging a map for your application, this obstacle is for you.
  • Participate from throughout the world!

The last occasion will be held online on December 12 th,2019 The finalist groups will from another location provide their maps to a jury of specialists!


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For more details, see HERE Mapathon

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