Honoring Margie Black Warres


On January 6, 2019, Margie Black Warres, Central Scholarship’s first-ever Executive Director, died at the age of100 We were fortunate to have her management in between 1952-1988 and throughout those 36- years she led us through an altering, complex world with ethical conviction and concept. Her effect on Central Scholarship is countless and as we look for the best words to honor her tradition we keep returning to her own works.

” CSB epitomizes what sensible and optimistic dreamers can accomplish together for the improvement of those around them. Dealing with the numerous crises of wars, anxieties, and progressing financial modifications of racial strife and other social turmoils, CSB handled the issues of the times through its private candidates, with caring compassion, impartiality and intelligence … CSB has actually practiced what democracy preaches. It has actually influenced and cultivated satisfaction of affordable goals, in addition to some amazing ones, amongst individuals of all races and creeds.”

— Margie Black Warres

Main Scholarship is all these things since Margie had a gorgeous vision for who we might end up being and the worths we must promote. Her tradition resides on every day through our trainees and will continue to affect future generations intending to accomplish a much better life through college.

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