Due Date: October 1, 2019

Applications are open for the IFFR Student Program 2020 for Young Movie Critics The program intends to support a brand-new generation of young and approaching movie critics. A group of young and determined expert movie critics from outside the Netherlands are welcomed to come to Rotterdam to cover their celebration.

They supply them with the ways to hone their journalistic practice and check out the broad landscape of independent movie theater available at IFFR, among the significant global movie celebrations for press, market members and audiences.

The program supplies a distinct insight into a broad series of programs available at the celebration, varying from movies by popular arthouse auteurs to more speculative and odd cinematic gems and from art setups and efficiencies to talks and movie market conferences. In the previous editions, IFFR invited Young Movie Critics from all areas of the world. In 2015, at IFFR 2019, they had individuals from Australia, Indonesia, Portugal, the UK and Uruguay.

Program Information

As a student, you belong to the editorial group of the celebration. You will have conferences with skilled movie critics from various backgrounds, cover the celebration for your own journalistic association and belong to IFFR’s editorial personnel. Obviously you will likewise get to experience the complete pleasure of being at International Movie Celebration Rotterdam. With the altering media landscape in mind, this year’s program will put unique concentrate on prospects with combined skills– beside outstanding composing abilities, experience in (or excellent concepts for) audiovisual, audio or other ingenious modes of journalism are valued.


  • Complimentary IFFR 2019 press accreditation
  • Spending plan hotel lodging in Rotterdam
  • A partial refund of travel expenses when taking a trip from outside Europe
  • A complete schedule. IFFR targets at making students completely essential to the celebration and lets them take part in the shipment of day-to-day celebration outlets. The students will form a group, hosted by the IFFR Press Workplace and the celebration editorial personnel.
  • You get to check out all elements of IFFR (screenings, exhibits, Q&A sessions, masterclasses and talks, arguments, movie market conferences) as part of the program and to cover for your own media.
  • If your involvement succeeds and you have actually released reports that fulfill IFFR’s requirements (both in quality and amount), you get the chance to check out the next edition of the celebration as a recognized reporter.


  • Candidates must be under 30 years of age
  • Have proficient command of the English language (composed and spoken)
  • Verifiable experience in movie criticism (print, video, audio or online media) + storyboard or any imaginative kind of day-to-day reporting
  • Deals with the following subjects: movie evaluation, celebration evaluation, Movie Market reports and patterns, arts & culture evaluation, masterclasses and talks evaluation
  • You’re not yet developed enough to make money from advantages such as going to global movie celebrations outside your nation
  • You have actually made a contract( s) with pertinent print and/or online media to release reports on International Movie Celebration Rotterdam 2019.


Please send your application to [email protected] with the following connected (as one PDF):

  • CV
  • Inspirational letter
  • 3 examples of your released work (video, audio or composed)
  • A verification letter of your outlet which will release your work at IFFR 2020
  • Details about the outlet (reach, target group and so on)

For more details, go to IFFR Student Program

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