Due Date: June 16, 2019

Applications are open for the 2019 IJP Middle East Fellowship In 2019 IJP are providing for the 16th time a travel and work fellowship for as much as 5 young reporters from the Middle East, specifically from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Palestine to invest a two-month duration in Germany. At the very same time, the fellowship is being provided to reporters in Germany, who can use to invest a two-month duration in the Middle East.

The fellowship is planned to allow young reporters to acquaint themselves with the political problems in Germany at an early phase of their profession. This will raise awareness of elements of relations in between Germany and the Middle Eastern area in future multipliers and will provide an individual insight into mindset, culture and daily life in Germany and the European Union. The useful part of the fellowship makes sure contact with coworkers in the area, and it is hoped this contact will be kept in future years. This is likewise the objective of future alumni reunions in Berlin.


  • The fellowship brings a single payment of 4,000 Euro per individual. This amount is planned to cover a big percentage of the travel expenses, board and accommodations. Fellows are anticipated to contribute a particular quantity themselves. There will be no payment for the person’s deal with area as a reporter.


  • Open to Arab and German reporters;-LRB- ***************).
  • Be in between the ages of 21 and 37.


Applications, for which there is no unique type, are to be sent to [email protected] The application needs to be accompanied by a comprehensive curriculum vitae with a passport image, and a journalistic appraisal composed by the head of department or editor-in-chief.

The letter need to support the application, assurance short-lived leave of lack throughout of the fellowship, and work as proof of journalistic activity. Samples of work might be confined. An excellent understanding of English is anticipated. While an understanding of German will naturally be invited, this is not a necessary requirement for an application. Visa plans will be made with the aid of the organizers.

After initial choice, the finalists may be welcomed for a choice interview. Legal action in regard of the decision will be disallowed. Notice will be sent out to the effective prospects by mid August2019 All fellows carry out to compose, upon their return, a report of a minimum of 3 pages on their experience, activities and impressions in the nation.

For more details, go to IJP Middle East Fellowship

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