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Injini is the very first academic innovation (EdTech) incubator or accelerator on the African continent. Based in South Africa, Injini purchases appealing African EdTech start-ups and works carefully with them to eventually accomplish their objective of favorably affecting academic results on the continent.

you have a technology-driven or technology-enabled development that.
could enhance academic results in Africa? Are you wanting to take.
your early-stage start-up to the next level?

Injini is now accepting applications for our next mate of EdTech changemakers in Africa. If you are among the chosen Associate 4 start-ups, you will take part in a five-month incubation program that will occur both in Cape Town, South Africa and in your house market, where the group will support you from another location.

Throughout this time, you’ll get a chance to deal with topic specialists in education, company, innovation and entrepreneurship. However that’s not all, simply for taking part in the program, you’ll get a grant of R100,000 to invest in your company. Lastly, if we’re impressed with your efficiency and trajectory as soon as you have actually joined our alumni start-ups, Injini might provide a financial investment of as much as R1 million for equity in your company!

The Associate 4 Incubation Program:

The Associate 4 Incubation Program will be comprised of 3 stages.

Stage 1
is set to start in mid-March 2020 and will occur in Cape Town,.
South Africa. 1– 2 decision-making members of your start-up’s starting.
group will join us for an expenses-paid * remain in the.
Mom City for a duration of 6 weeks. You’ll be anticipated to go to a.
variety of company training workshops, engage with market specialists in.
1:1 sessions and construct a relationship with your coach, who will support.
you through the period of the program.

Stage 2 will.
start the minute you leave Cape Town and head back to your house market.
Throughout this 12- week duration, you’ll be anticipated to use the knowings.
from Stage 1 to your company on-the-ground, while the Injini group.
supports you from another location– we might even appear to check out a few of you on your.
house grass!

Stage 3 will start back in Cape Town in July 2020, marking the last leg of the incubation program. This four-week stretch will provide us the possibility to bind loose ends and ensure your EdTech start-up is all set for post-programme development and possible financial investment.


  • Your EdTech start-up is based in Africa and concentrated on enhancing academic results someplace on the continent.
  • Your service is intending to resolve an essential issue associated to education in Africa.
  • Your service is evidence-based– significance, you can indicate research study that supports your approaches or hypothesis.
  • Your business is signed up and a certificate of incorporation can be shown the Injini group upon demand.
  • Your start-up has (a minimum of) a minimum feasible item or model.
  • Your start-up has (a minimum of) one full-time creator.
  • Several decision-making members of your start-up’s starting group have the ability to take a trip to Cape Town throughout Phases 1 and 3 of the incubation program.
  • Taking part creators from beyond South Africa need to have a legitimate passport and eligibility to obtain a South African visa.
  • Taking part creators need to be proficient in English.

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