Due Date: July 15, 2019

Entries are welcomed from Expert and amateur professional photographers from all over the world for them to participate in the International Picture Contest on Greener Health Care Waste Management 2019.

Send an image that reveals your awareness on health care waste concerns such as what effect it has on environment, what developments and practices are presented to lessen it. You might likewise want to reveal an imaginative vision of health care you wish to see in the future, to show favorable modifications you wish to see on food chain/soil, fishes/water or breath/air.

The objective of the contest is to increase public awareness on the concerns connected to health care waste treatment and management (HCWM) through visual and creative medium and to promote finest practices on HCWM in addition to non-incineration waste treatment and mercury-free innovations for greener health care practices.


  • Health Care Waste Management for Individuals and World

    • 2 finalists will be granted on this classification.
    • There will likewise be extra unique election awards for images illustrating favorable images for the following unique classifications (one for each):.
      • ” Alternatives to health care waste burning/incineration”
      • ” Mercury-free health care”
      • ” HCWM for much better infection avoidance”
      • ” Ladies and HCWM”.
  • Unique elections will be chosen amongst images sent in Classification 1.
  • Greener health care I wish to see in the future

    • 2 finalists will be granted on this classification.


  • In overall, 8 rewards of $400 vouchers/cheques (or whatever applies)
  • Gratitude certificates for the very best 30 images


  • Open to Expert and amateur professional photographers from all over the world
  • Involvement of health care employees, ecological health employees and particularly females and youth from establishing nations is especially invited

Choice Process

Examination of images will be performed in 2 phases:

  • Preliminary phase– initial choice. If the variety of images got goes beyond 30 images, initial choice of images will happen. As much as 30 images (by 20 images in Classification 1 and 10 images in Classification 2) will be chosen for the 2nd phase.
  • 2nd phase– assessment and choice of the winners by global Jury Group. The Jury Group, including organizers and specialists, representing various nations, will pick the winners of the picture contest in each classification. In overall, there will be 4 winners (2 in each classification) and extra 4 winners in unique elections.


To take part in the contest, submit the online application, connect your picture and send.

To learn more, see International Picture Contest

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