Application Due Date: 30 th April2019


The International Company for Migration (IOM) and the Netherlands Elder Professionals (PUM), are happy to ask for the submission of company concepts within the structure of the Entrepreneurship by Diaspora for Advancement program.

The general goal of this program is to motivate the Ghanaian and Ethiopian diasporas living in the Netherlands, or Dutch business owners in collaboration with the diaspora, to engage as business owners for the advancement of the economic sector in Ghana and Ethiopia. More particularly 20 business owners from the Ghanaian diaspora and 20 business owners from the Ethiopian diaspora, or Dutch business owners in connection with the diaspora, will be used help in their journey to launch or broaden companies back house.

Techniques of the Competitors

20 picked possible business owners per nation will have the.
chance to register in training sessions used by IOM/PUM and to.
gain from specific mentoring used by PUM volunteers. A last10
prospects per nation will have the chance to go on a checking out.
see to Ghana/Ethiopia and some prospects will have the ability to incorporate.
existing incubators. Private guidance will likewise be used regarding.
possible monetary chances.

Each prospect must fill out the connected application and.
upload it through the site prior to the 30 th April2019 A verification.
e-mail acknowledging invoice will be sent out instantly. Just.
shortlisted prospects will be gotten in touch with.

Eligibility requirements for applications

  • Prospects should be at least 18 years of ages.
  • Prospects should be Dutch citizens or Dutch nationals, who are.
    members of the Ghanaian or Ethiopian diaspora or signing up with hands with the.
    Ghanaian and Ethiopian diaspora.
  • Prospects might use to start-up an organisation or scale-up an organisation, based upon the following requirements:.
    • Start-up companies: Company concepts, ideas and/or models at the really preliminary phases of advancement (1-12 months)
    • Scale-up companies: Developed companies should have been at least one year in operation (12 months+).
  • All applications should just be sent utilizing the affixed kind. No other formats or accessories will be accepted
  • Just applications with finished obligatory parts (part 1 and part 3) will be thought about.
  • Females and young business owners are motivated to send company concepts.
  • Candidates should reveal financing currently got at the time of.
    using or concrete proof showing any possible financing.
    chance in the future.

Choice requirements

  1. The following requirements will be utilized to pick the candidates welcomed to the interview.
    • Consumer requires to be plainly determined: REQUIREMENT
      How is the product and services going to include worth for clients?
      Which of the clients’ issues is the product/service going to resolve?
    • Company design: METHOD
      How will the product and services create profits? (sales,.
      membership, ad, and so on). Just how much does it anticipate to offer in.
      the very first year of company?
    • Differentiators determined: DISTINCTION
      How is the product and services various from or much better than the.
      existing product and services used by other, contending companies.
      for the very same clients? What is the competitive benefit that enables.
      business to surpass/ do much better than rivals? (patent,.
      algorithm, distinct service design, and so on) The following requirements will be.
      utilized to pick the candidates welcomed to the interview
    • Preliminary market determined, and adequately big and growing: COMPETITORS
      Who will be purchasing the product and services? How huge is the existing market? What is the possible scalability of business?
    • Start-up capital and technique determined: FINANCIALS
    • The candidate shows a clear vision and objective for the future: ABILITIES
  2. The list below components, albeit elective, will be examined too:.
    • The concepts, ideas and/or company propositions fit within the development sectors and chances as determined by GIPC or EIC and i-guide or other sources.
    • The proposition is ingenious and/or eco-friendly and.
      supports the accomplishments of the UN Sustainable Advancement Goals.
      ( SDGs).

To Learn More:

Go To the Authorities Website of the IOM/PUM Entrepreneurships Program 2019


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