Foreign trainees (non-Thai citizenship) with exceptional scholastic efficiency can look for scholarship to study at ISE.

1 Complete Scholarship covers the following assistance for 4 years.
1) Tuition and program charges
2) Economy class big salami ticket from house nation to Bangkok
3) Month-to-month stipend and lodging
4) Reserve allowance
5) Medical insurance
4 Scholarships cover tuition and program charges for 4 years.

Eligibility of candidate

1) Should not be over 25 years of ages
2) Have actually finished (or anticipated to finish high school education) with the cumulative
grade point average (GPA) for the current 4 terms not less than 3.5 (utilizing 4.0 system)
3) Should remain in health
4) Pass the following efficiency tests
a) English: TOEFL (iBT) score not less than 80 or IELTS rating not less than 6.0
b) Mathematics: SAT (Mathematics) and SAT II (Mathematics Level II) score not less than 700 (each)
c) Science: SAT II (Physics and Chemistry) not less than 700 (each)
Files needed for application
1) Finished application with existing photo
2) Résumé and Declaration of Function
3) Most current authorities records
4) 2 recommendation letters from trainers or consultants
5) Copy of passport
6) Certificates of the efficiency tests as noted in the eligibility of candidate 4a, 4b, 4c
7) Certificate of health assessment from a medical facility(can An economy after the scholarship

Suspension and termination of scholarship

ISE reserves the right to suspend or end the scholarship for the following factors.
1) The recipient is considered to be seriously ill and not healthy to continue the research study
2) The recipient obtains GPAX of less than 3.00 for 2 successive terms
3) The recipient is missing throughout the term without notification or sensible description
Due date of application submission: February 15, 2019

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