Application Due Date: 24 March 2019, up until 11.00 pm.

International Internship Program of the Islamic Cooperation Company (OIC INTERN); SESRIC, YTB, Ansar Structure and TOBB is a global internship program for trainees who are residents of the member nations of the Company of Islamic Cooperation.

The structures of the program were very first taken in 2010 with the application of the internship for global trainees studying in Turkey under the Islamic Nations Vocational Education Cooperation Program (OIC-VET). OIC INTERN;-LRB- **********) it was not created as a pure internship program. Through different training and consultancy services throughout the internship, students are intended to acquire management, entrepreneurship and interaction abilities.

OIC INTERN is a global internship.
program focused on directing youths in expert profession preparation.
by strengthening scholastic understanding gotten throughout their research studies with.
useful applications.

INTERN offers the chance for expert experience to young.
individuals through work principles, work discipline and team effort experience.
While providing the chance to get trade and technical experience,.
allows them likewise to obtain cultural interaction and intercultural.
interaction abilities.

function of OIC INTERN is to add to the advancement of understanding.
and abilities of youths, to facilitate their entryway into the labor.
market, to add to the improvement of the quality of the labor.
force in the long-lasting and to promote financial competitiveness member.
nations’ economies.


global trainees who pursue their research study in Turkey, and fulfill the.
following requirements will be qualified for OIC Intern International.
Internship Program:

  • Global bachelor trainees who are at 3rd or fourth grade,
  • Pursuing post academic degree,
  • Understanding of Turkish or English a minimum of at the level of B1,
  • In Addition, Understanding of Arabic or French a minimum of at the level of B1,
  • Ready to enhance themselves and are open to profession chances,
  • Under 30 years of ages,

Intern prospects are required to go to the Orientation Training prior to their recruitment in the program.


INTERN offers a conference point in between the prospects who wish to work.
as interns with needed certifications and the organizations that require.
interns. The organizations that wish to hire interns from OIC INTERN.
site and the youth who wish to do internship make an application for the program.
through the site.

can make their choices according to the sector and the department.
in which they want to do their internship. The applications of the.
intern prospects are examined by the Internship Workplace and the.
interviews are made later on. Orientation training is attended to the.
trainees who are confessed to the internship program after the interview.
outcomes. Following the orientation training, the intern is positioned in the.

coach is appointed for each intern confessed to the program. The coach.
preserves interaction in between the Internship Workplace, the internship.
organization and the student throughout the whole program. At the exact same.
time she/he supports the intern throughout the entire internship procedure.

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