Due Date: March 1, 2019

Applications are open for the IWMF Anja Niedringhaus Nerve in Photojournalism Award 2019 The Anja Niedringhaus Nerve in Photojournalism Award was developed to honor the life and work of Pulitzer Prize-winning AP professional photographer and IWMF Nerve in Journalism Award winner Anja Niedringhaus (1965-2014).

With this Award, the IWMF commemorates the brave work of ladies photojournalists like Anja. The Award acknowledges the significance of visual journalistic work that motivates us to act and obliges us to much better comprehend the world. Produced in 2014 with a $1 million present from the Howard G. Buffett Structure, the Award will be offered every year to a lady photojournalist whose work shows nerve and devotion, as Anja’s does. This brave work manifests in several types which might consist of however is not restricted to dispute or frontline reporting.


  • Receivers of the Nerve in Photojournalism Award will get a prize money of $20,000 and have their work showcased at the German Ambassador’s House in Washington, DC.


  • Open to Full-time reporters;-LRB- **************).
  • Journalism should be a prospect’s main occupation;-LRB- **************).
  • Both independent reporters and those connected with media companies are qualified;-LRB- **************).
  • Candidates should determine as ladies.


  • All elections and applications should consist of prospect details, work samples, and a candidate/nomination declaration.
  • The needed work samples are 12 photos that finest represent the scope and design of the prospect’s work, within the context of tough reporting environments.
  • Each photo should be accompanied by a caption explaining the date, location, and scenario recorded
  • 6 (6) of the images should have been taken within the previous 2 years (2017-2019). The other 6 can be taken at any time throughout the prospect’s profession.
  • Submissions should consist of a 1-2 page candidate/nomination declaration. The declaration should respond to the following concerns:.
    • What stories does the prospect inform through her images?
    • Under what conditions does the prospect work?
    • How do the photos sent with this election capture the scope of the prospect’s work?
    • How do the prospect’s profession and work show the worths of Anja Niedringhaus?
  • Prospect declarations should be composed in English.

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