Application Due Date: January 31, 2019

The Embassy of Japan is delighted to notify you that the Federal government of Japan will offer scholarship for Nigerian Primary/Secondary school instructors who prefer to take instructor training course and Japanese language training in Japan.

The Japanese Federal Government (MEXT) scholarship
is open to graduates of universities and instructors training colleges no greater than thirty-four (34) years of age (should be born upon or after April 2, 1984), who have actually taught as instructors at primary/secondary schools or instructor training colleges for a minimum of 5 years in their house nations at the time of application. The Embassy will like to utilize this chance to bring in Nigerian Schools that want to begin Japanese Language class or course at their school. Recipients will upon their return, aid to promote Japanese Language education in Nigeria.


MEXT accepts applications from worldwide trainees for research study in Japan who please the following certifications and conditions. Its goal is to promote personnels who will end up being bridges of relationship in between the beneficiary’s nation and Japan through research study in Japan and who will add to the advancement of both nations and the larger world.

( 1) Citizenship:

Candidates should have the citizenship of a nation that has diplomatic relations with Japan. A candidate who has Japanese citizenship at the time of application is not qualified. Nevertheless, individuals with double citizenship who hold Japanese citizenship and whose home at the time of application is beyond Japan are qualified to use as long as they pick the citizenship of the other nation and renounce their Japanese citizenship by the date of their arrival in Japan. The First Screening should be carried out at the Japanese diplomatic objective in the nation of which the candidate picks the citizenship.

( 2) Age: Candidates should be born upon or after April 2,1984 Exceptions are restricted to cases in which MEXT considers that the candidate might not use within the qualified age limitation due to the circumstance or situations of the candidate’s nation (military service commitment, loss of instructional chances due to disruptions of war, and so on). Individual situations (monetary circumstance, household situations, state of health, situations connected to candidate’s university or location of work and so on) will not be thought about for exceptions.

( 3) Academic and Profession Background:

Candidates should be graduates of universities or instructor training schools and have actually worked as instructors at primary/secondary universities or instructor training schools (leaving out universities) in their house nations for an overall duration of 5 years or more since October 1,2019 In-service professor in a college organization are not qualified.

( 4) Japanese Language Capability:

Candidates should want to discover Japanese. Candidates should have an interest in Japan and want to deepen their understanding of Japan after showing up in Japan. Candidates should likewise have the capability to do research study and adjust to residing in Japan.

( 5) Health:

Candidates should send a health certificate in the recommended format signed by a doctor attesting that the candidate has no physical or psychological conditions impeding the candidate’s research study in Japan.

( 6) Arrival in Japan:

In concept, candidates should have the ability to show up in Japan by the designated duration (normally September or October) in between the day 2 weeks prior to the course begins and the beginning date of the course. If the candidate can not show up in Japan throughout the specific duration for individual factors, travel costs to Japan will not be paid. Omitting cases in which MEXT considers as inescapable situations, the candidate should withdraw from this scholarship program if the candidate can not show up in Japan by the end of the specific duration above which chosen by MEXT or the accepting university.


( 1) Allowance: 143,000 yen each month. An extra local allowance of 2,000 or 3,000 yen each month will be contributed to the month-to-month scholarship quantity for the beneficiaries studying or performing research study in specifically designated areas. Due to the circumstance of the Japanese Federal government’s budget plan, the quantity of payment might undergo alter each . If a beneficiary is missing from the university for a prolonged duration, the scholarship will be suspended for that duration.

( 2) Education Costs: Costs for the entryway evaluation, enlisting and tuition at universities will be paid by MEXT.

( 3) Travel Expenditures ① Transport to Japan: In concept, MEXT specifies the travel schedule and path, and offers an economy-class airline company ticket for the flight from the worldwide airport closest to the beneficiary’s house (in concept, the nation of citizenship) to a worldwide airport in Japan utilized on the typical path to the accepting university. The beneficiary will bear at his/her own cost all expenses connected to domestic travel from the beneficiary’s house to the closest worldwide airport, airport taxes, airport use charges, unique taxes needed for travel, travel costs within Japan (consisting of airline company transit expenses), travel insurance coverage costs, carry-on travel luggage or unaccompanied luggage costs, and so on

Transport from Japan: Based upon the application by the beneficiary, MEXT will offer an airline company ticket to beneficiaries who will finish the training course at the accepting university and go back to the house nation by the end of the last month of the scholarship duration (See “3. DURATION OF SCHOLARSHIP”) designated by MEXT. MEXT, in concept, will offer an economy-class airline company ticket from a worldwide airport in Japan utilized for the typical path to and from the accepting university to the worldwide airport (inprinciple, in the nation of citizenship) closest to the returning beneficiary’s house.

For standards and application please click: _000071 html, to get the kind online, or pertain to the Embassy at the address listed below.

Closing date for submission of application: January 31, 2019
No. 9 Bobo Street (off Gana Street), Maitama, Abuja
Telephone: 090 6000 9019, 090 6000 9099
Embassy working hours: (Mon to Thurs) 8: 00 am to 5: 30 pm, (Fri) 8: 00 am to 12: 45 pm

For Additional Information:

Go To the Authorities Web Page of the Japanese Federal Government (MEXT) Scholarship 2019

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