Application Due Date: September 24 th 2019

In Loan Path, uses working grants for African, Asian and European reporters to examine cross-border illegal monetary circulations, tax abuse and corruption in Africa, Asia and Europe. Grants are granted to reporters entirely by, without any input or oversight at any phase from the consortium as a whole. This working grants job belongs to a bigger Loan Path job


  • Ideally, global reporter groups including a minimum of one African, one Asian and/or one European reporter. Each group ideally include reporters from 2 continents. Preferably, the groups need to offer letters of intent for publication from media organisations in 2 continents.
  • We likewise accept local cross-border cooperations in Africa and Asia. Each group needs to include reporters from a minimum of 2 nations.
  • Extraordinary propositions from private reporters in Africa and Asia whose story consists of an overseas component in a nationwide story– where the cash path results in a tax sanctuary — can be accepted.
  • European reporters intending on using need to work together with an African or Asian reporter.
  • Foreign reporters in Africa or Asia can use with regional reporters.


There will be 10 application rounds over the 3 years. The overall.
quantity per call is around 50.000 euro: this quantity is dispersed amongst.
various tasks. The cash originates from the Dutch Nationale Postal Code.

For Additional Information:

Go To the Authorities Web Page of the Loan Path working grants 2019


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