Application Due Date: March 15 th, 2019.


The International Kid’s Peace Reward is granted yearly to a kid who combats courageously for kids’s rights. Winning the International Kid’s Peace Reward puts your changemaker in news headings around the globe. In 2015, the winners’ message reached more than 1, 2 billion individuals!

Choose your changemaking prospect now! Last.
year we got 121 elections from 45 nations around the globe. We.
are searching for young changemakers in between 12 and 17 years around the.


Choice of the kid– requirements

  • A specific young boy or lady above 12 years and under 18 years of.
    age; (the kid ought to not be older than 17 years by the time of the.
    election due date)
  • From all over the world;
  • The kid need to have a clear history of standing and defending.
    the rights of him/herself and other kids. It is necessary that the.
    kid has an active technique in achieving this objective, which has actually led.
    to a concrete outcome;
  • Capability to take a trip abroad and feeling comfy interacting with other individuals;
  • The kid accepts being chosen for the International Kid’s Peace Reward;
  • The International Kid’s Peace Reward can not be granted posthumously;
  • Group elections are possible supplied that every person in the.
    group made a provable effort and co-initiated the activities that.
    led to a remarkable distinction for the rights of the kid and.
    the position of susceptible kids, throughout the world.
    Organizations are declined as qualified candidates.


  1. Anyone or organisation might choose a kid for evaluation by the Specialist Committee.
  2. The last date for choosing a kid for this year’s Peace Reward is 15 th March 2019
  3. Please send out, prior to 15 th March 2019, the information of your candidate to or upload on our site( please complete this kind as totally as possible).

Application Treatment:

Action 1

Download the election kind

Please download the kind listed below.

Action 2

Submit the election kind and an image

finishing the kind, please upload the kind and an image to send.
your candidate. We require your individual info to call you if we.
require more info about your prospect.

For Additional Information:

Go To the Authorities Website of the KidsRights International Kid’s Peace Reward 2019


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