Application Due Date: October 22 nd 2019

The Elisabeth & Amelie Fund supports sustainable water management in establishing nations, to name a few by funding on-the-spot internships for trainees from establishing nations who are studying in Belgium.

The Elisabeth & Amelie Fund.
thinks about an integrated method to water management that.
consists of technical and/or sociological elements.

The internship will occur in an establishing nation (the trainee’s native land or another nation). It will be connected to a master’s thesis or a comparable, and under the duty of the Belgian scholastic organization where the trainee is studying.


Trainees from establishing nations who are pursuing a master’s.
level degree (master’s, expertise master’s or a 2nd bachelor’s.
degree) that is connected to water management.


The grant will cover the expenditures intrinsic to the internship, as much as an optimum of EUR 5,000

The internship, which need to last 1 to 2 months, need to occur in between December 2019 and completion of August2020 10 grants will be granted.

Choice requirements

  1. Goal. The internship is connected to the access to water or its management in establishing nations and need to be plainly part of the topic of the prospect’s end of year task.
  2. Pertinence. The work carried out by the prospect at regional level and the outcomes that originate from this, handle essential regional concerns.
  3. Abilities. The spending plan asked for need to match the prospect’s requirements. He/She needs to have adequate resources to finish the internship under the necessary conditions.
  4. Creativity. The method picked by the prospect for his internship or the structure within which he is going to work have an ingenious side. They are, in a specific method, various from the normal methods or structures.
  5. Effect. What will be understood throughout the internship brings real included worth to the clinical method that supports completion of year thesis.
How to send your application

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  • Download the annex( es) that need to be finished for your application.
  • If you are not really knowledgeable about computer systems: 02-500 4 555 or [email protected]
  • The King Baudouin Structure obviously abide by personal privacy legislation in this location.

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