Due Date: December 15, 2019

Applications are open for the Kino Der Kunst International Competitors 2020 Visual artists from all over the world are welcomed to send their current works to the International Competitors that show this year’s subject “Forbidden Charm”.

The next edition of Kino Der Kunst will be held from April 22– 26, 2020 in Munich. Motion picture theatres and museums all over Munich will provide the International Competitors in addition to supporting programs, artists’ talks, seminar and multi-channel setups. Its delicate concern will be “Forbidden Charm”.

Kino Der Kunst is an around the world special mix of movie celebration and art exhibit that examines the connection in between visual art and movie theater; its programmatic focus pushes how cinematographic artists approach fiction and narrative. The global competitors provides cinematic operate in which artists use official development and an extremely aesthetic visual language without forgeting the major problems of our time.

Style: Forbidden Charm

Why is the idea of appeal so frowned upon in modern art? Is it scared of that lovely look that hides issues however can not seriously resolve them? The catchword of the minute is a presumably essential “visual accuracy” of well-meant political issues. Nevertheless, the political can likewise be worked out visually, without uncritically succumbing to the supposed power of the images of movie and movie theater or changing material with shallow retinal stimuli. Political art does not need to be officially average or old-fashioned, crucial things can likewise be packaged in aggressive appeal.

After the failure of the massive exhibits of 2017 in Athens/Kassel and Venice, which were revealed with much early appreciation and left a stagnant taste in their frequently naïve political message (Documenta) or official harmlessness (Venice Biennale), it is now a matter of absolutely nothing less than identifying the status quo of modern art: how can it release itself from the determine of commerciality that slouches in regards to material without diing in official insignificance? KINO DER KUNST 20 wishes to demonstrate how the art of the moving image can use up the immediate styles of our time in an extremely aesthetic visual language.


  • Main Award Feature Film International Competitors: EUR10,000 Euro
  • Main Award Brief Movie International Competitors: EUR10,000 Euro
  • Audience Award International Competitors: EUR 5,000 Euro


  • Open to virtual artists from all over the world
  • All entries need to expose an ingenious method to the different types of cinematographic narrative and show a high technical level.
  • The movies need to have been produced after January 1, 2017.


Click on this link to send your entry

To find out more, go to Kino Der Kunst

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