The Chevening Scholarship program for the year 2019/2020 is open for applications. Chevening is the UK Federal government’s worldwide awards plan targeted at establishing worldwide leaders.

Moneyed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Workplace (FCO) and partner organisations, Chevening deals 2 kinds of award– Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships– the receivers of which are personally chosen by British embassies and high commissions throughout the world. With an alumni neighborhood of 50,000 people, the extremely distinguished Chevening Scholarship program has actually produced leaders throughout the world in different sectors.

Leading Tips For A Fantastic Chevening Scholarship Application

Getting the Chevening scholarship was a dream come to life for me and a life altering minute. In this post I share some ideas I hope will assist you created a great application to increase your opportunities of being chosen for the scholarship. There are a couple of essential parts of your Chevening application and I will be highlighting each of them. I have actually likewise asked a couple of good friends of mine who are likewise Chevening scholars to include their remarks and you will discover them priced estimate in this post!

” Chevening is a collaboration, reveal what you provide as a partner and how what the Chevening scholarship deals will assist you accomplish a shared objective (check out their programs in your nation)”– Noor Mousa, Iraq


The English Language Requirement is a fundamental part of your application and it’s finest to take your English Language test as early as possible (Normally from when you start your application). You do require your English test to get admission into your University of option other than you’re exempt from this, nevertheless, Chevening would just need you to satisfy the English test requirement by July of the next year and your test need to have been taken after October2017 When choosing which test to take, think about if the test center is offered in your nation or near you and likewise think about if the test is accepted by the universities where you wish to use.

Chevening accepts a variety of English language tests.


  • Test Time– approx. 2 hours 45 minutes topped 2 different days
  • Outcome time– approx. 13 days


  • Test Time– approx. 4 hours
  • Outcome time– approx. 10 days


  • Test Time– approx. 3 hours
  • Outcome time– Normally 5 company days however primarily you need to get it in approx. 24– 48 hours

At the point of application. Chevening will need you to note 3 Universities and courses in order of choice. You do not require to have actually acquired admission into these universities at the point of application however you do require to have a genuine deal from a minimum of one university prior to the last due date if you do get chosen for the scholarship. Likewise, you will be provided a last chance to alter your university options throughout your interview if you make it to that phase.

Examine the Chevening site for a list of universities and courses that are accepted. Chevening normally accepts a wide variety of Universities in the Uk so it is extremely not likely that the university you want is not on that list, regardless, still inspect to be sure. Research study the Universities and the courses attentively and thoroughly. Ensure you can show enthusiasm and a connection in between your course options, your expert experiences and your future profession strategies when discussing this in your essays. Examine if your course remains in line with Chevening top priority locations in your nation, it assists if your options are lined up. Many of all, it needs to be clear how your university and course options will establish you personally and expertly, and likewise equip you to be a leader in your nation on your return.

Ensure you pick the best course that will support your profession and expert advancement. Take your time to have a look at the course information. Check out the modules, course entry requirement, charges, and ensure it is a Taught course! If you are looking for an MBA, know the Chevening scholarship cap (presently 18,000 GBP for MBAs). If your MBA course cost is greater than the shown quantity, you will require to pay the balance. Attempt to get tuition scholarships from the school as quickly as possible.– Nguyen Thi Ph ươ ng Thao, Vietnam


Your essays are quickly a really important part of your application. This is where chevening gets to communicate with you in the beginning circumstances to attempt to comprehend you as a private, examine your inspirations, management capacity and the possible effect you would make in your nation as an outcome of the chance the scholarship brings. You will be needed to compose 4 essays in 500 words each throughout management, networking, profession strategies.

Here are a couple of ideas to assist you:

  • Beginning the essay might appear tough however an excellent pointer is to separate each essay into bullet points and start establishing your concepts from there.
  • This might be mentioned in every application suggestions column however I can not worry how crucial it is to be initial. Let your essay really be a reflection of who you are. Chevening essays can be rather a soul browsing procedure, take your time, do not put yourself under pressure, discover a long time to sit still and believe deeply about why you desire this scholarship and how your previous work has actually prepared you for this chance. I can really state I discovered myself after composing these essays. I suggest composing something down in the past looking for essay samples online. The samples can be a great guide however often can lead you to believe in the instructions of the author when Chevening is most likely to value a well created initial line of idea. Likewise, do not plagiarize Chevening will inspect however keep in mind that you would need to protect your words if you do make it to the interview phase.

Extra time to end up the 4 essays. Attempt to finish and concentrate on one essay prior to relocating to the next one. If you get stuck, discover essay online forums or other Chevening scholars group to get enlightenmen.– Andina Dwi Kanti Setyaningrum— Indonesia

  • Your essays need to show strong enthusiasm and vision. Your management capacity is very crucial. Construct on and highlight your participation in neighborhood advancement. Your essays need to show that you are a deserving financial investment.
  • Be clear, succinct and particular.

Keep In Mind That you just have one opportunity to make a great impression and these 4 essays are your chance to inform Chevening you are the prospect they are searching for!!! Take a great deal of time preparing and checking your essays! Bear in mind that reaching the interview phase is the most tough part thinking about that you just have 500 words in each essay to show you are the perfect prospect! Select your finest examples and do not attempt to inform your entire story in the essays. It will make it complicated! Pick 2 or 3 examples and work deep in them!– Dariela Valdes, Cuba

  • When discussing your work, do not simply compose slightly however reveal your effect in numbers. It need to be clear the number of individuals you have actually reached and plan to reach. Usage quantifiable worths.

Reference particular examples in the essays that reveal your function and the effect you have actually done. Likewise, take a while after ending up the application to review your composing for modifying functions.– Sondos Alqutati, Palestine

  • Maintain consistency and excellent circulation in your essays.
  • Do not lie however do not be shy either. This is your time to speak thoroughly about your work. Ensure you highlight the essential info. Attempt to sum up without overlooking the most crucial elements of your essay and utilize the 500 words to show yourself as an appealing specific set to leave an enduring effect in your nation and the world.

” Be concise and sincere. Do not compose something you do not comprehend. Be really sincere about your experience, you might wish to overemphasize however do it in a really great and light method”– Andina Dwi Kanti Setyaningrum— Indonesia

  1. FILES

The scholarship application procedure might vary from nation to nation however normally you ‘d require to have the following files for your preliminary application (Might be more):

  • Legitimate International Passport
  • University Records
  • University Certificate
  • English Language certificate (Required prior to last due date)
  • Recommendation letters (Required prior to interview)

You will require 2 referrals for your application. You would be noting the names and information of the referrals at the point of application however the referral letters would just be needed prior to your interview. It is likewise excellent to deal with this early. Ensure you note individuals who are quickly available also. Your referrals need to be individuals who can actually discuss your work and capabilities and can show how well they understand you. In picking your referrals, look for one scholastic referral and one expert referral, however expert referrals will likewise work simply great.

Referrals are very important, do not undervalue the effect they have on the general evaluation of your application. For that reason, pick your referees carefully and tactically and likewise guarantee that your referrals not just substantiate your accomplishments however likewise provides the guarantee that you are a future leader predestined for terrific things. Stacey Weever- Guyana


Ideally, this post assists you prepare a winning application nevertheless, connect to previous scholars and individuals in your network to assist you examine your essays. They can supply beneficial feedback to assist you fine-tune a couple of bits.

Among the essential abilities Chevening is searching for is Networking! Usage yours and get included with other candidates, scholars, alumni, coworkers! I constantly inform individuals, when I began to get Chevening I did not understand a bachelor who understood about Chevening or scholarships at all and I still assemble an effective application thanks to lots of scholars and candidates as me who assisted me without understanding me. By the time I got the scholarship I had actually currently fulfilled the majority of the candidates of this year who later on became my fellow Cheveners!– Dariela Valdes, Cuba


The whole procedure from application till the Last Chevening Scholarship Award can use up to one year. It will feel long and often you will get nervous however discover strength and faith. Think that you are gotten ready for this and ideally you are. Discover faith and prayer and many of all, keep dealing with those terrific things you would’ve discussed in your essays. Get to deal with a few of those profession strategies and tasks even while you wait.


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Wanting you all the very best!

Author: Deborah Braide, Nigeria

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