Application Due Date: August fourth 2019

LEAP Africa’s Social Innovators Program and Awards (SIPA) is an annual immersive fellowship that empowers and gears up 20 young African changemakers with requisite abilities and tools for developing sustainable business. We are presently accepting applications for our 2019/2020 mate.

The SIP accepts 20 social innovators each year for a duration of 12 months; from November 2019 to November2020


The fellowship confesses social endeavors/ business with a for revenue/ non revenue design. The fellowship’s focus is to support Fellows to develop sustainable social endeavors and business.

  • Young.
    individuals in between the ages of 18-35 years, whose concepts and efforts.
    deal efficient options to difficulties in regional neighborhoods throughout.
  • Initiators/co-founders of a social-focused venture/enterprise/ Structure, situated in Nigeria.
  • Applicants.
    need to have been associated with running their venture/enterprise beyond.
    one to 3 years prior to the beginning of the Fellowship

Initiator/ co- creator should be readily available for the complete course of the 12 month duration to execute the knowings into sustaining their development/ business

Throughout the course of the Fellowship, Fellows will be exposed to:

  • 6 day domestic sustainability training/ workshop
  • Mentoring by skilled specialists
  • Webinars, online knowing and advisory assistance
  • Alumni meet-ups and networking access to worldwide chances and fellowships


The SIP is LEAP’s platform to.
gears up, supports and showcases social innovators and business owners,.
allowing them develop and sustain their social developments towards.
nationwide and systems level social modification. For that reason, belonging to.
this distinguished Fellowship, manages you:

  • The chance to be geared up with management, management and entrepreneurial abilities for individual, organisational and neighborhood improvement
  • The chance to develop important worldwide networks within the social development and business area
  • Access to an assistance community of skill, advisory, financing and other resources that will support the development and sustainability of your development

At the end of the program,.
sustainability rewards will be granted to 3 exceptional Fellows.
Nevertheless, throughout the course of the fellowship, there are.
chances for Fellows to gain access to financing from our other advancement.

Just shortlisted prospects will be.
exposured to a congratulatory message from the SIP group. They will be.
welcomed to go to the Social Innovators Program & Awards in.
November 2019 in Lagos where they will be onboarded and inducted into.
the Fellowship.

For More Details

Check Out the Authorities Web Page of the LEAP Africa’s Social Innovators Program and Awards (SIPA) 2019/2020

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