Due Date: April 10, 2019

Applications are open for the Loan Path Training in Financial Investigations and Digital Security 2019 As part of the cash Path task, Financing Uncovered and Free Press Unlimited, provide 6 training courses concentrated on how to examine tax abuse, loan laundering and corruption plus digital security.

This call is for investigative reporters based in Africa who have an interest in following the cash. Loan Path is thrilled to welcome applications from reporters, advocates and academics based in Africa who wishes to participate in the five-day monetary investigative journalism and digital security training course in Abuja. The dates for the Abuja training will be: Monday 1 July 2019– Friday 5 July 2019.


Over 3 days, you will be demonstrated how to examine business accounts, overseas activity and business corruption. They will reveal you where to discover files, how to evaluate them and other useful tools to assist discover monetary secrecy. They will likewise show how you can protect those associated with your examination by enhancing your threat evaluation and security abilities.

A mix of hands-on training and assistance from senior specialists will provide you the basis to examine monetary corruption along with providing the chance to network with other reporters and activists. The course intends to assist individuals comprehend:

  • the foundation of the overseas world
  • how to gain access to and translate business accounts
  • where to access other business details
  • the approach behind the ground-breaking tax avoidance examinations by the reporters who performed them
  • how to examine and report corruption stories
  • how to track the worldwide policy program connecting to illegal monetary circulations
  • how to keep your research study safe

Bursaries Available

  • Bursaries are readily available for working reporters and activists who are based in Africa. Bursaries cover visa charges, travel and lodging;-LRB- **************).
  • Due to the restricted variety of bursaries, reporter candidates will be picked on their performance history in investigative journalism. Activists will need to show some financial justice research study and project experience. As we tend to be over-subscribed some prospects might be put on a waiting list for a subsequent course either in London this November or in Abuja next year.


  • Open to reporters, advocates and academics based in Africa


To use, complete this online application Please do not copy and paste whole short articles into the kind. Where possible, please offer links or a couple of lines summary of the post plus date of publication.

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