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Our Young Adult of the Month is Luisa Romero from Colombia! Luisa Fernanda Romero Munoz is 25 years of ages. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Cauca and presently, she is a postgraduate trainee in the Masters of International Tourist Management at Ulster University.

Luisa is the Co-founder of Get Up and Go Colombia. She was chosen as the most appealing young business owner in Latin America and the Caribbean for the program Young Leaders of The Americas Effort (YLAI 2017) by the United States State Department along with getting other global acknowledgments such as Chevening Award moneyed by the UK Federal government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Workplace (FCO). Luisa emerged 3rd in the 2018 Chance Desk Effect Difficulty.

Read her remarkable story listed below and be motivated!

Luisa Romero is the co-founder of Get Up and Go Columbia, an NGO that looks for to change areas which were controlled by the armed dispute into cultural and gastronomic locations for nationwide and global travelers. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Cauca and presently is a postgraduate trainee in the Masters of International Tourist Management at Ulster University.
Due to her enthusiasm for social effect, she has actually constantly been participated in regional offering efforts and has actually likewise taken a trip abroad to volunteer in tasks and operate in activities in Brazil, the U.S.A. and throughout the Cauca area in Colombia, where she was born and matured. Her offering experience, in the house and abroad, led her to lead regional efforts which add to peacebuilding in her nation by empowering youths.

On How She Began

When Luisa was 3 years of ages, her mom utilized to check out to her a story about a capable girl, Mulan, who defended what she thought in, with a fantastic love for her nation and an identified spirit that led her to conserve China. Mulan’s story advises Luisa every day on the significance of standing firm through difficult times and never ever quiting.
Maturing in a nation with various social issues connected to dispute and drugs, as when it comes to Colombia, was an inspiration for her to begin leading the modification she wished to see and to assist individuals recognize that to think is to produce brand-new truths. While others just saw issues, Luisa saw all the capacity in her nation. This is what motivated her to begin Get Up and Go Columbia.

Columbia is the 2nd most biodiverse nation on the planet, with among the biggest birds. This inspired Luisa to begin altering the credibility of her nation by very first altering the state of mind of individuals around her, assisting them to see the worth of their capacity. That was how she began, by encouraging youths to interact and promote their area through strolling trips.

The dream is now a truth and given that they started 3 years earlier, they have actually affected more than 15,000 travelers. Individuals are now seeing Colombia from a various viewpoint.

On Her Successes

Get Up and Go Colombia

Luisa thinks about discovering the most remarkable group to deal with as her most significant success so far. Her group is comprised of 30 youths who think and are developing a brand-new truth to their area through tourist. She states the most extraordinary thing is to see how an individual can establish abilities and end up being a leader thanks to the seed you planted.

Likewise, they feel happy to be chosen as the only effort in Colombia moneyed by YLAI Development Grant to establish the job “Silvia 360” in alliance with Perspektiva360, a virtual truth (VR) and 360 photography job which intends to alter the problematic credibility of among the towns in their area and change it with breath-taking images and VR experience.

Whenever she deals with a barrier, Luisa considers the joy that her work brings her which suffices to keep her working and conquering any sort of barriers.

Her Tips to the Youth

Be relentless, be proactive and never ever quit. Opportunities resemble sundowns, if you blink, you miss them.

You can get in touch with Luisa on Facebook! Find Out More about her effort, Get Up and Go Colombia


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