Due Date: April 10, 2019 (International Applicants)/ May 10, 2019 (Regional Candidates)

Applications are open for the Youthopia Activist Camp 2019 in Berlin 30 young utopists and activists from all over the world, in addition to 30 children from Berlin come together at the intercultural Youthopia Activist Camp 2019 to deal with recognizing our paradise of democracy, sustainability and universal equality.

The objective is to offer you with the right tools for social and political modification– peer-to-peer– so you can recognize them in your neighborhood and activate more youths for the cause. In worldwide groups, directed by other activists and motivated by effective efforts, you will establish 10 concrete, ingenious jobs that will get you closer to your paradise for a democratic, sustainable and socially simply future. The program will be held from July 21– July 31, 2019.


  • Lodging, food and transport throughout the 10 days will be covered
  • Get the tools to form your concepts for modification into preparing to recognize it
  • Discover sustainable way of life and how to spread it
  • The chance to end up being gotten in touch with young utopists and activists from all over the world
  • Be familiar with the Berlin way of life by dealing with a Berliner delegate
  • If you’re Berlin-based: get to cope with a worldwide roomie for 10 days and experience multiculturalism on all levels
  • And lastly belong to the worldwide youth motion


  • Candidates need to be 18-28 years of ages
  • Fluent in English, to be an active part of a worldwide youth motion
  • Individuals from all social backgrounds are motivated to use, no matter if you are working, in a development, studying or simply taking a space year– as long as you have a paradise for a more sustainable, democratic or social simply society
  • All citizenships are gladly accepted, regardless ethnic backgrounds, gender, sexuality or any other background.


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To find out more, check out Youthopia Activist Camp

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