The overall quantity of the tuition charges for the 2019-2020 scholastic year is CHF 25,000 Living expense and research study sees are not consisted of in these charges.

The prospects are formally confessed to the Program and registered as trainees at the University of Geneva (binding registration) just upon the payment of CHF 3,000 within the due date embeded in the letter of admission. The quantity of CHF 3,000 is subtracted from the overall tuition charges (CHF 25,000) which need to be paid either completely or in 2 installations.

If a prospect withdraws prior to the start of the Program, the sophisticated paid quantity will be reimbursed, other than for a flat charge of CHF 1,000 which will be kept for administrative costs.

Tuition charges cover: tuition, registration, assessments.


A variety of various scholarships are used to assist cover tuition charges.

All prospects to the “European and Global Governance” Master Program are qualified to get scholarships or financial assistance. Scholarship ask for inbound individuals need to be sent in addition to the prospect’s application. Financial requirements are not considered in the examination of a prospect’s application for admission. The Program Directors assess just the scholarship or financial assistance demands of confessed candidates.

If granted, the quantity of financial assistance is computed according to the candidate’s monetary scenario, as reported in the scholarship and financial assistance application. Candidates are motivated to supply as much info as possible, to offer a total photo of their monetary scenario, along with that of their moms and dads and/or partner.

According to the terms described in scholarship and financial assistance application, just a partial scholarship in the quantity of Programmes’s charges is possible.

To get a scholarship or financial assistance please total and indication the scholarship and financial assistance application In addition to this type, please send the following supporting files, equated into English, if required (English translations do not require to be formally licensed for this function):

  1. Copies of main declarations of earnings (your own and/or any other pertinent individuals, relative or other, whom you may contact for assistance);-LRB- *************).
  2. Authorities declaration from a bank or other cost savings organization, and/or tax return, showing readily available funds and possessions;-LRB- *************).
  3. Copies of reactions to your other scholarship and/or loan demands, consisting of from companies, if suitable.

Application due dates

Please keep in mind that there are 3 application sessions.

Very first sessions: from 1 st November 2018 to 30 November 2018

2nd session: from 30 November to 15 January 2019

Third Session: from 15 January to 1 March 2019

Applicants will be hired up until the restricted locations in the MEIG Program are dispersed and thinking about the date of arrival of the MEIG prospect application. In this regard, kindly send your application as quickly as possible.

Yearly training allowance (Ville de Genève)

The MEIG Program individuals are permitted to ask for a Yearly training allowance for the complete program, if they satisfy the conditions.

What is the Yearly Training Allowance (ATA)?

It is a yearly cheque for an optimum worth of 750 CHF; it can be provided to you over 3 successive years or just as soon as depending upon the kind of course you want to follow. The quantity that can be funded at one time is readily available on our site at the time of the choice of the course preferred. The course selected need to last for a minimum of 40 hours.

Who can benefit?

  1. AA) Anybody over the age of 18 who has actually been living and paying taxes in the canton for a minimum of one year at the start of the asked for training.
  2. BB) Anybody over the age of 18 who has had a frontier employee license for a minimum of one year at the start of the asked for training.
  3. CC) Confederates over the age of 18 who live near the border and who have actually been operating in the canton for a minimum of one year at the start of the asked for training.

For additional information, you can download the Leaflet yearly training allowance and visit this site

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