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Applications are open for the MasterCard Structure Scholars Program 2019-2020 at University of California, Berkeley To harness the prospective effect of this generation, The MasterCard Structure Scholars Program supplies next-generation leaders who are devoted to the social and financial improvement of their continent with access to quality education.

The scholarship provides thorough monetary, social, and scholastic assistance throughout their secondary and university education and supports their shift to more research study or to the labor force. The Program intends to benefit 15,000 youths over 10 years, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa.


  • MasterCard Structure Scholars get a thorough scholarship equivalent to the expenses related to making a Bachelors or Masters degree, that includes travel, tuition, Berkeley trainee costs, visa and SEVIS costs, real estate, food, living costs, and mate signature programs which will concentrate on management subjects.


  • Candidates need to be a person of a Sub-Saharan African nation. If you have refugee status, are stateless, or have other concerns concerning your citizenship, you might still be qualified. This scholarship is not meant for residents of North African nations;-LRB- **************).
  • All potential Scholars need to initially be confessed to UC Berkeley to be thought about for the Scholarship. An essential requirements for admission to the University is shown scholastic quality;-LRB- **************).
  • They intend to confess those from the bottom 2 earnings quintiles per nation. This Scholarship is created for those incredibly skilled people who have no other methods of getting the more education needed to assist understand their dreams and aspirations;-LRB- **************).
  • They are searching for well-rounded trainees who are taken part in activities beyond the class. Some might be straight associated to your discipline, however this might likewise consist of other problems (social, financial, political) that you are dealing with and enthusiastic about. Candidates must elaborate on their accomplishments both in their application to UC Berkeley, and after that in the future the Scholarship application;-LRB- **************).
  • They are searching for trainees who are engaged with and enthusiastic about problems impacting their neighborhoods, and who will make the most of their education at UC Berkeley to much better equip themselves with the understanding and training to deal with these problems upon return. While essential work can be done from abroad, the objective of this Program is to make it possible for Scholars to return house, after forming important expert connections through internship and task positionings.


Master’s degree potential candidates need to initially use to the University through the routine admissions procedure prior to they will be thought about for the MasterCard Foundations Program Scholarship. After the academic degree program admissions procedure is underway, the UCB MCF Scholars Program will welcome potential prospects to look for the Scholarship.

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