Application Due Date: September 30 th 2019

Merck Diabetes Award 2019 is a registration to a 1 year Online:

” Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetes Management with University of South Wales”.

Merck Diabetes Award is being presented in a lot of the African and Asian universities as part of our dedication to structure diabetes capability and enhancing access to quality and sustainable health care options in establishing nations.

The objective of Merck Diabetes Award is to produce a Diabetes Professionals Platform around the world.

PG Diploma registration requirements for the Award winners.

  • Credentials certificates
  • One composed referral
  • English language certification (IELTS 6.5 or comparable) please see University of South Wales for additional information

All medical undergrads, interns and postgraduates are welcomed to get the


Every Day is a Diabetes Day

Send a principle paper about:

  • How to enhance the awareness about Diabetes Early Detection and Avoidance in your nation.
  • How to motivate your society, clinical neighborhood, regional authorities, media and appropriate stakeholders to Believe and Act Upon Diabetes Every Day
  • Your concepts of establishing brand-new policies, methods, social networks projects and more.

To Learn More:

See the Authorities Web Page of the Merck High Blood Pressure & Diabetes Awards 2019

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