Due Date: July 25, 2019

The Middle East Sustainable Peace Company– MESPO is accepting applications for Peace Tune 2019 Peace Tune is a musical exchange program arranged in Kurdistan Area of Iraq bringing young expert artists from various nations around the world to produce initial music and carry out in peace occasions promoting for peace and cultural exchange.

Musicians will satisfy and operate in Sulaimani city and have the chance to check out other parts of Kurdistan Area. They will be dealing with Kurdish and global masters of music and produce a vibrant mix representing the music of various countries. They will be led by a Maestro/Master Author to make up initial music and unite pieces from their cultures and carry out reside on phase throughout Kurdistan International Peace Carnival on 21 September 2019 in front of more than 5000 participants, which will completely represent peace and coexistence and will provide the message of peace to the entire Middle East and the global neighborhood.


Financial backing is offered return flights, meals, and lodging.


  • Be an expert artist
  • Be in between 19– 35 years of ages
  • Have a legitimate passport
  • Have the ability to interact in English
  • Recognize with the culture and arts of house nation
  • Want to take a trip to and remain in Kurdistan Area of Iraq in between September 1st to 22 nd 2019
  • Have the ability to get visa to Kurdistan Area of Iraq

Qualified nations:

Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, France, Austria, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, United States, Canada, China, India, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Albania, Greece, Armenia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Ukraine, South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Australia.


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