Application Due Date: 31 October 2019

When Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, attended to the TED Conference in 2009, she mentioned the threat of the single story, a distorted, one-dimensional view of Africa that sees the continent just through a prism of war, illness, hardship, hunger and corruption.

Narrative Day Africa was developed to commemorate the variety of Africa’s voices and inform you who we actually are; what we like; love to consume, check out, blog about. We wish to bring you the aromas on our street corners, the chatter from our neighbours, let you listen to stress of the music we dance to. Since we have something to inform the world. About us. In our own voices.

First reward: $800|2nd reward: $200|3rd reward: $100


Synchronised submissions are not welcome. Any story got in or released somewhere else throughout the course of evaluating or publication will be disqualified.

Any African person or African individual living in the diaspora *, in addition to individuals living completely (approved irreversible home or comparable) in any African nation, might go into.

Writers might just send one story for the competitors. Repeat entries by the exact same author will be disqualified.

Writers are welcome to send stories in any fiction category.

Stories need to pertain to the style, although we do motivate imaginative analyses.

Stories need to be in between 3000 and 5000 words in length.

Stories need to be sent in English. While you are complimentary to integrate other languages into your story, the story should have the ability to be comprehended totally by its English material.

Stories need to be sent online through Submittable in between 1 June 2019– 3 1 October2019 The link to the submission type will be made live on 1 June 2019.

To assist in simple reading and evaluating, please format your stories according to the format stated listed below. Stories not formatted in this method are at the danger of being disqualified.

Stories need to not have actually been formerly released in any type or any format.

You are welcome to go into under a pseudonym or nom de plume, as long as you likewise include your genuine name together with your entry.

All entries will be evaluated anonymously. Please DO NOT put your name or any other recognizing information anywhere on your manuscript.

Required Manuscript Format

  • Type your file, utilizing a single, clear typeface, 12- point size, double-spaced. The most convenient typeface to utilize is Times New Roman, or a comparable serif typeface.
  • Put the title of your story at the top of the very first page. Please provide your story an initial title. Please DO NOT title your story Hotel Africa, SSDA Story or any comparable variation of such. Start your story right away listed below the title.
  • Put a precise word count on top right.
  • Please number the pages.
  • Left-justify your paragraphs.
  • Make Sure there is at least a 1 inch or 2 centimetre margin all the method around your text.
  • Indent each brand-new paragraph by about 1/2 inch or 1 centimetre, other than for the very first line of the story or the very first line of a brand-new scene. Please utilize the indent function of your program, not numerous areas or tabs.
  • Do not place additional lines in between your paragraphs. A blank line shows a brand-new scene.
  • Put the word “End” after completion of your text, centred, by itself line.

For Additional Information:

Check Out the Authorities Web Page of the Narrative Day Africa Reward 2019

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