Application Due Date: July 1st 2019

The Hurford Youth Fellowship Program looks for to construct the management abilities and harness the capacity of young democracy activists from all over the world. Through the Program, young activists invest 3 months at the World Motion’s Secretariat, throughout which they broaden their international connections, share experiences with other activists from democracy motions all over the world, and add to the advancement of the World Motion for Democracy and the World Youth Motion for Democracy. Hurford Youth Fellows take part in tactical conferences; conduct research study; and arrange and lead discussions, online conversations, and information-sharing sessions on crucial democracy problems.

Upon the effective conclusion of each fellowship, the fellows work as a regional/country centerpiece, dealing with the Hurford Youth Fellowship Alumni Network to stay involved and take the lead in World Youth Motion activities.

Particularly, each fellow will take part in the following activities:

Conduct research study on one topicrelated to the democracy styles above
Establish online resources, such as a collection of associated publications and training products;-LRB- ************) Help with online conversations;-LRB- ************) Add To the World Movement/World Youth Motion social networks posts
Participate in preparation and carrying out other activities of the World Movement/World Youth Motion; and
Take part in appropriate occasions and conversations in Washington, D.C., to deepen understanding of problems and construct working relationships.
Identify, put together, present, and artistically share conversation products and outcomes.

Applicants thinking about the Hurford Youth Fellows Program should be no older than 30 years of age.
They should show strong interest in democratic advocacy and in the improvement of democracy in their particular neighborhoods, in addition to around the world. Youth connected with civil society companies are particularly motivated to use.

English Language Requirement:

A working understanding of English is an essential requirement for involvement in the program for basic interaction functions.

All application products should be sent in English.

Residency Requirements:

Fellows are anticipated to work full-time on their fellowship projectsat the NED workplace in Washington, D.C. Fellows might not hold any other fellowships or be otherwise em-ployed throughout the fellowship duration without the express consent of World Motion Secretariat personnel.

Extra fellowships or work chances that accompany the fellowship duration should be given the attention of World Motion Secretariat personnel prior to the prospect’s approval of a Hurford Fellowship.

Failure to do so might lead to the cancellation of the fellowship.

Hurford Youth fellowships are not created to support comprehensive fieldwork outside the Washington, D.C., location.

The program acknowledges the value of developing ties with equivalents in other places in the United States and abroad and comprehends that expert commitments might in some cases require domestic or global travel. Nevertheless, no funds willbe offered to support fellows’ expert travel.

Fellows are anticipated to be in house at the NED for the whole of the fellowship duration in order to make the most of the expert resources offered in D.C.


Fellowship Assistance and Solutions:

Each fellow will get a regular monthly stipend for living costs, plus fundamental medical insurance and big salami travel to and from Washington, D.C. Stipends take into
account the expense of living in Washington, D.C. Fellows are supplied with a completely geared up workplace, consisting of web and e-mail gain access to, and a minimal spending plan for fellowship-related long-distance call.

The World Motion Secretariat personnel plays a crucial function in assisting fellows understand their fellowship ob-jectives by teaming up with them on their fellowship jobs and engaging them in continuous discus-sions about their work. NED houses a Democracy Resource Center (DRC), which ncludes alibrary with some 20,000 works, consisting of books, journals, beneficiary reports, and other publications on democracy.

The DRC’s skilled employee help fellows with their research study interests. Fellows might take pleasure in access to other public libraries as required.

To Find Out More:

Go To the Authorities Web Page of the NED Hurford Youth Fellows Program 2019/2020

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