Due Date: April 5, 2019

Applications are open for the Newton Fund/British Council Workshop on the Shift to Low/Zero Carbon Transportation 2019 Under the Scientist Hyperlinks plan used within the Newton Fund and the British Council, the University of Birmingham and The University of Jordan will be holding a workshop on the style Shift to Low/Zero Carbon Transportation in Amman, Jordan from June 24– 27, 2019.

This workshop intends to offer a platform for understanding exchange and cooperation in between early profession scientists from the UK and Jordan in resolving the international difficulty of tidy transportation in the context of Jordan. The individuals will talk about the status of the existing transportation sector, recognize alternative techniques and innovations, and draft a plan for attaining low/zero emission transportation in Jordan.

The following styles will be talked about:

  • The existing status of the transportation sector in Jordan.
  • Alternative powertrain innovations, such as; Battery Electric Automobiles (BEV), Hydrogen Fuel Cell Automobiles (HFCV) and alternative hybrid systems.
  • Transportation fuel production and storage.
  • Energy policy for the development of low/zero carbon transportation.


  • All travel and lodging expenditures will be covered by the Newton Fund Scientist Hyperlinks program.


  • Early Profession Scientist from the UK or Jordan are welcomed to use to attend this workshop.


The application, with more information on the effort, is connected and must be sent out to Dr Ahmad El-Kharouf: [email protected]

To find out more, check out Workshop on the Shift to Low/Zero Carbon Transportation

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