Application Due Date: July 24, 2019

The Nigerian Economic Top Group (NESG) in collaboration with the National Universities Commission (NUC) is delighted to reveal the style for the N igerian Financial Top (NES) 25 th Anniversary Essay Competitors

Enhancing Self-confidence in Nigeria for Country Structure: Towards Economic Success and Improved Lifestyle for Nigerians

Trust is the social glue that holds households, neighborhoods, companies and societies together; without it, reaching any arrangement can end up being a laden settlement.”— Peggy (Rockefeller) Dulany, Synergos1

With a worldwide shift towards ‘inclusive’ financial development, it is argued that financial success and company success can not be effectively described by abundance of natural deposits, sparkle of intelligence, or the existence of excellent laws and organizations. Rather, financial success needs (in addition to the above components noted) a culture of trust and social capital that forms a financial input (Fukuyama, 1995).

According to Fukuyama, research studies have actually revealed that there is a direct connection in between the level of trust of a nation and her financial growth or success. The greater the cumulative trust level of a country, the greater the level of cooperation and her opportunities at inclusive financial advancement.

In the light of the obstacles that have actually continuously afflicted the Nigerian economy such as high levels of corruption and lease looking for, insecurity and revolt, bad and degrading human capital indices, sluggish and non-inclusive financial development, sluggish diversity of the economy, year-on-year deficit spending, financial regression of sub-nationals among others, Nigeria has actually stayed a low-trust nation and this has actually led to a slow-paced development.

With an outlook of constructing a country that is competitive and sustainable, Nigeria sets to start the long march towards financial development and enhanced lifestyle for its individuals. Keeping in mind the extremely varied nature of Nigeria, we can not for that reason avoid the tough job of reconstructing trust and self-confidence in her individuals.

It is on this facility that the NESG requires candidates for the essay competitors.


Entries should be composed in English

One entry per individual

1,500 optimum word count

Plagiarism is declined

Sent prior to July 24, 2019


Paid Internship at the NESG
All cost paid journey to 25 th Nigerian Economic Top in Abuja, October 2019 Essay discussion to an audience of leading public/private authorities Distinguished certificate of efficiency

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