Due Date: April 26, 2019

Applications are welcomed for the Nokia Bell Labs Reward 2019 The Bell Labs Reward is a competitors for innovators from taking part nations around the world that looks for to acknowledge propositions that ‘alter the video game’ in the field of details and interactions innovations by an element of 10, and supplies picked innovators the distinct chance to work together with Bell Labs scientists to assist recognize their vision.

The reward looks for game-changing and impactful concepts that have the possible to alter the method we live, work and interact with each other in the following classifications: Web Applications, Cloud Solutions, Details Theory, Coding Theory, Computational Sciences, Cryptography, Dispersed Systems, Data Personal Privacy, Mathematics of Networks, Modulation Plans, Optical Systems or Parts, Communications Systems, Network Protocols, Security, Network Architecture, RF style, Sustainability, Wireless, Fixed Network innovations, Software-Defined Networks, Virtualization Technologies, Real-time Analytics, Browse algorithms, Self-Optimizing Networks, Reasoning systems.


  • Bell Labs will be granting a.
    • 1 st reward of $100 K
    • 2 nd Reward of $50 K and
    • 3 rd reward of $25 K.
  • All 3 winners will likewise be thought about for the distinct chance to work within the world-renowned Bell Labs to even more explore their concepts, following completion of the competitors.


  • Open to innovators from taking part nations around the world. If you have a 10 x game-changing concept and have an interest in establishing it with leading Bell Labs scientists, you have actually pertained to the ideal location.
  • Candidates need to sign up and send propositions in the basic locations of details and interactions innovations. Candidates who sign up need to acknowledge that they have actually checked out, comprehended, and accept the Terms;-LRB- ****************).
  • If there are candidate wishes to consist of staff member then all staff member need to sign up and accept the Terms. Just 4 members per group are enabled;-LRB- ****************).
  • Applicants who advance to stage 2 have a more comprehensive contract to meet due to the fact that they might be exchanging copyright with Bell Labs in the procedure of application.

Assessment Requirements

Concepts will be assessed by Bell Labs scientists based upon the following 3 requirements:

  • 10 x Development Possible — How is your proposition book– what has not been done in the past, what is the “out of package” believing that could lead to a 10 x modification in efficiency (e.g., speed/throughput, range, latency, expense, energy effectiveness or simpleness)?
  • Technical Benefit — How technically noise is your proposition? On what existing concepts and abilities does it depend versus further/future developments and developments?
  • Expediency — Can an evidence of principle, simulation or presentation be integrated in the course of the competitors? What is needed to do so? In order to construct a commercially practical (profits and profit-generating) option, what more would be needed?

The finalists who provide to the Evaluating Panel will likewise be assessed on a fourth requirement, which concentrates on the industrial worth proposal:

  • Service Effect– What is the magnitude of the brand-new ICT-related organisation developed by the proposition? How quickly could it be given market and how differentiated/unique is the proposal?


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