Due Date: June 15, 2019

Elections are welcomed for the Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research Study and Application 2019 This award acknowledges extraordinary, science-based accomplishment in worldwide farming and food production by a specific under 40 who has actually plainly shown intellectual nerve, endurance, and decision in the battle to get rid of worldwide cravings and hardship.

The award will honor a person who is working carefully and straight “in the field” or at the production or processing level with farmers, animal herders, fishers or others in rural neighborhoods, in any discipline or business throughout the whole food production, processing, and circulation chain.


  • The award features $10,000
  • To get the award, people picked need to participate in the award event and likewise take part in media occasions and other World Food Reward occasions in mid-October in Des Moines, Iowa, United States. The World Food Reward Structure will offer roundtrip air transport for one award winner from his/her location of work, along with meals and lodging while in Des Moines.


  • Candidates need to be under the age of 40 (40 th birthday not reached prior to World Food Day, October 16, of the year in which the award exists);-LRB- **************).
  • Candidates need to be actively operating in the discipline, research study location, position, or on the job( s) for which they are being acknowledged. They might be connected with a public or personal instructional, research study or advancement company or associated entity;-LRB- **************).
  • Candidates stay qualified for factor to consider beyond the year of their election, at the discretion of the Award Jury, as long as the award requirements and age requirement are satisfied;-LRB- **************).
  • The award is meant to be provided to someone. In uncommon and unusual scenarios, another individual might share the award for noticable collective efforts and accomplishment.

Who Can Choose:

  • Any specific or company might send an election. Election letters from companies need to be signed by an executive officer. Self-nominations will not be accepted;-LRB- **************).
  • Nominators must have a direct understanding of the candidate’s work and must offer a variety of particular examples, discussing how the candidate’s achievements line up with the award requirements;-LRB- **************).
  • Letters of assistance might originate from people or companies with a direct understanding or a fundamental understanding of the candidate’s work.

Choice Requirements

Prospects will be examined and picked based upon the qualities and achievements that show those shown by Dr. Borlaug throughout his operate in field research study and application, that include:

  • Determination: Displaying Dr. Borlaug’s “never ever quit” mindset, even in the face of misfortune, challenging scenarios, restriction of resources, and/or review from coworkers.
  • Development: Using Dr. Borlaug’s credo “grab the stars” in pursuing ingenious paths, techniques, and options in a mission to offer appropriate food and nutrition for the world’s individuals.
  • Interaction: Replicating Dr. Borlaug’s example of comprehending regional cultures; working successfully in cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary scenarios; recognizing the requirements and possessions of individuals in an offered neighborhood or area; and getting in touch with a varied variety of stakeholders.
  • Research/Science: Assisting in favorable modification through extensive research study techniques, methods, management techniques, and/or methods that lead to increased food production, accessibility, circulation, and/or much better nutrition.
  • Extension: Extending ingenious discoveries and innovations in plant science, animal science, and/or food science to underserved farmers and customers.
  • Education: Offering hands-on science training and education to stakeholders in rural neighborhoods, consisting of farm households and farming and food production employees.
  • Application: Using enhanced innovations and/or management systems to crops and/or animal farming for sustainable production, more healthy food, and a decrease of hardship.
  • Management: Showing management of other farming specialists, field scientists, and/or specialists operating in collective programs targeted at decreasing cravings and hardship and renewing neighborhoods.
  • Effect: Increasing the quantity of food readily available through all of the above. Dr. Borlaug was constantly about making a distinction and “putting more food on the plate.”


All elections need to be sent in English online here

Needed Election Documents:

  • A succinct declaration (3000- word limitation) discussing and explaining:.
    • the candidate’s work and achievements, with information and examples that highlight numerous of the requirements
      defined for this award;-LRB- **************).
    • how, in doing this work, the candidate shows the qualities shown by Dr. Borlaug throughout his early profession; and
    • the effect or outcomes of the candidate’s work.
  • Candidate’s Résumé or resume, consisting of date of birth, native land, education, and expert background.
  • One (1) election letter and 2 (2) letters of assistance explaining, discussing and highlighting the primary accomplishments of the candidate need to be offered with the election. Due to the high volume of elections, please do not send more than 2 assistance letters.
  • Images: A head shot of the candidate is needed (minimum 300 dpi resolution); 2 extra action pictures of the candidate at work might likewise be sent.

For more details, go to Norman Borlaug Award

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