The National Research Study Structure (NRF) of South Africain collaboration and Nuffic (the Netherlands organisation for internationalisation in education represented in your area in South Africa by Nuffic’s Netherlands Education Assistance Workplace), is happy to reveal a pre-call for the2019 NRF-Nuffic Doctoral Scholarships.

In acknowledgment of the long standing cooperation in between South Africa and the Netherlandsin education and research study, and with the aspiration to reinforce postgraduate training while boosting sustainable cooperation in between South African and Dutch college organizations( HEIs), anagreement was checked in 2017 in between the NRF and Nuffic.

This is an executing arrangement under the MOU Science & Innovation (2015) in between South Africa and the Netherlands.Through thispartnership, doctoral scholarships will be offered South African people and long-term citizens to study full-timein the Netherlands (i.e. single sitemode). Institutional level arrangements in between Dutch HEIsand Partner Institutions in South Africa to allow full-time joint postgraduate degrees will likewise be supported (i.e. split sitemode).

The scholarship is meant to support doctoral prospects to pursue research study studies in all locations of (i) Science, (ii) Engineering (iii) Innovation, (iv) the Social Sciences and (v) Liberal arts, at universities in taking part nations. The portion of supported trainees will be 80% from the Science, Innovation, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines and 20% from the Social Sciences and Liberal arts, in line with South Africa’s National Advancement Strategy.

Choice will likewise be provided to applications to acquire a Postgraduate degree in a susceptible discipline such as Stats, Mathematics and Nursing, emerging research study locations or where there exists a scarceness of research study facilities and/or appropriately certified managers in South Africa.

Candidate Eligibility

To be qualified, candidates need to:

Be South African people or long-term citizens with a SA ID number, although South African people will be prioritised;

Not hold this scholarship simultaneously with any other NRF or South African/Netherlands federal government scholarship;-LRB- ***********).

Offer a Master’s degree certificate or a main file from the university licensing that all requirements for the Master’s degree have actually been fulfilled which they will be finishing;

Be planning to pursue full-time doctoral research studies; and

Not hold full-time employed work throughout the period of the award.


Eligibility Organization and Manager


To be qualified to take part in this doctoral training effort, taking part organizations and managers need to satisfy the list below requirements:

Dutch HEIs will waive tuition costs or in the event that a tuition cost uses, this will not be credited the NRF or the private scholarship recipient;-LRB- ***********).

Dutch HEIs will offer research study running expenses (i.e. expenses that can fairly be anticipated to accumulate throughout the course of the doctoral research study duration) and access to research study facilities;

Doctoral supervisory capability need to remain in location at both the Dutch HEIs and the South African Partner Organization, when it comes to joint degrees;-LRB- ***********).

Supervisors need to dedicate to examine the scholastic viability of the candidate andendorse the research study proposition (consisting of timespan) prior to the application is sent to the NRF for benefit evaluation. Supervisors might do this through e-mail correspondence with the candidate and through other electronic media such as Skype or video conferencing;-LRB- ***********).

Supervisors need to send a letter of assistance showing that the required research study facilities, resources and funds for carrying out the research study and supporting the doctoral trainee exists within their faculty/school/department. Supervisors might just support one (1) candidate each year;

For Additional Information:

Check Out the Authorities Web Page of the NRF-Nuffic Doctoral Scholarships 2019

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