Due Date: April 2019 (Differs per organization)

Applications are open for the Nuffic Orange Understanding Program (OKP) Scholarships 2019 for Brief Courses and Masters in The Netherlands. The OKP intends to advance the advancement of the capability, understanding and quality of both people in addition to organisations both in the field of greater and professional education and in other fields associated with the concern styles in the program nations.

The scholarships are granted in an extremely competitive choice to extremely inspired specialists who remain in a position to present the newly-acquired abilities and understanding into their utilizing organisation.


An OKP scholarship is meant to supplement the wage that you need to continue to get throughout the scholarship duration. The scholarship is a contribution towards your expenses of living and expenses such as tuition costs, visa, travel, insurance coverage and so on. You need to cover any distinction in between the OKP scholarship quantity and the real expenses yourself.

Scholarships are readily available for a choice of:

  • brief courses (period 2 weeks to 12 months);-LRB- ***************).
  • master’s programs (period 12– 24 months).


You need to satisfy a variety of requirements that support the objective of the OKP to be qualified for a scholarship. The requirements for scholarship candidate are as follows:

  • The scholarship candidate works for among the list below kinds of nationwide and/or regional organisations: ministries, secondary or greater vocational or scholastic education organizations, universities, economic sector, commissions or NGOs. The scholarship candidate might not work for:.
    • a bilateral or multilateral organisation;-LRB- ***************).
    • a non-governmental organisation that is globally active and is concentrated on representing social interests, such as advancement cooperation, nature and environmental management, health or human rights.
  • The scholarship candidate is an expert who, due to his/her (1) function, (2) several years of pertinent work experience and (3) networks within a style pertinent to regional advancement, remains in a position or through his/her company might be put in a position to use what he/she has actually found out in practice.
  • The scholarship candidate is a mid-career expert who is a nationwide of -and living and operating in among the nations noted below:.
    • Afghanistan &#x25 aa; Mozambique &#x25 aa; Albania &#x25 aa; Myanmar &#x25 aa; Armenia &#x25 aa; Nepal &#x25 aa; Bangladesh &#x25 aa; Nicaragua &#x25 aa; Benin &#x25 aa; Niger &#x25 aa; Bhutan &#x25 aa; Nigeria &#x25 aa; Bolivia &#x25 aa; Pakistan &#x25 aa; Burkina Faso &#x25 aa; Palestinian Territories &#x25 aa; Burundi &#x25 aa; Peru &#x25 aa; Cambodia &#x25 aa; Philippines &#x25 aa; Colombia &#x25 aa; Rwanda &#x25 aa; Congo (DRC) &#x25 aa; Senegal &#x25 aa; Cuba &#x25 aa; Sierra Leone &#x25 aa; Egypt &#x25 aa; Somalia &#x25 aa; Ethiopia &#x25 aa; South Africa &#x25 aa; Georgia &#x25 aa; South Sudan &#x25 aa; Ghana &#x25 aa; Sri Lanka &#x25 aa; Guatemala &#x25 aa; Sudan &#x25 aa; Guinea &#x25 aa; Surinam &#x25 aa; India &#x25 aa; Tanzania &#x25 aa; Indonesia &#x25 aa; &#x25 aa; Thailand &#x25 aa; Jordan &#x25 aa; &#x25 aa; Uganda &#x25 aa; Kenya &#x25 aa; Vietnam &#x25 aa; Lebanon &#x25 aa; Yemen &#x25 aa; Liberia &#x25 aa; Zambia &#x25 aa; Mali &#x25 aa; Zimbabwe &#x25 aa; Macedonia
  • They stress that these scholarships are likewise open for candidates from francophone nations.
  • The scholarship candidate holds a legitimate identity file.
  • The scholarship candidate has actually been confessed to the course or program for which he/she wants an OKP scholarship.
  • The scholarship candidate has actually offered a federal government declaration with the scholarship application, if this is needed by the city government (see the file ‘federal government declaration requirement’ on www.studyinholland.nl/okp ).
  • The scholarship candidate shows that the asked for co-funding portion is readily available to money the research study.
  • The company of the scholarship candidate supports the scholarship application through a favorable referral, states that it will continue to pay the wage of the scholarship recipient throughout the program and after his/her return will offer the scholarship recipient a chance to use what he/she has actually found out in practice.

Qualified courses

All courses that are qualified for an Orange Understanding Program scholarship for this application round are noted in Studyfinder. Please search in Studyfinder, utilizing the filter ‘OKP certified– Yes’ You can likewise discover contact information of the organizations there.

With regard to qualified courses and programs:

  • The scholarship application relates to sustainable advancement in the nation or area where the asking for celebration lies, and relates to the style worried. The scholarship application remains in line with the Nation Strategy of Application or Nation Focus for the nation worried. See the nation focus file
  • The course/programme for which the scholarship candidate is looking for a scholarship is signed up at www.studyfinder.nl (OKP-qualified ‘yes’).
  • The course/programme for which the scholarship candidate is looking for a scholarship is full-time, unless it is an e-learning course.
  • The course/programme for which the scholarship candidate is looking for a scholarship is used in English, French or Spanish.
  • The course/programme for which the scholarship candidate wants the OKP scholarship is a Master’s degree program or brief course that satisfies the requirements set out above.

The scholarship candidate need to not get more than one OKP scholarship for courses/programmes that happen at the very same time. If the scholarship candidate sends 2 or more scholarship applications for courses/programmes that happen at the very same time:

  • The scholarship application that was signed up initially in the scholarship application system will be processed;-LRB- ***************).
  • The other scholarship application( s) will be stated not qualified.


Prior to you use, ensure you examine the eligibility requirements thoroughly and examine whether your company wants to choose you for the scholarship. When you are particular that you are qualified for an OKP scholarship, you can begin making the needed preparations for your application.

Follow these actions to use:

  1. Very first discover a course or master’s program that is qualified for the scholarship. You can discover the qualified courses in our research study program database www.studyfinder.nl, defining in the search requirements: ‘OKP certified: Yes’.
  2. Contact the Dutch college organization that is providing the course for details on: a. the course material; b. the scholarship application due date (due dates can vary per Dutch organization); c. the scholarship application and choice treatments; d. the online application and the needed application files.
  3. Prepare your application and the supporting files
  4. Send your online application by means of the Dutch organization providing the course.

For any concerns on the application or choice treatment please call the Dutch organization straight.

Dates and Due Dates

  • There are 3 application rounds for specific scholarships in2019 The present application round opened on 7 February.
  • Application due dates differ per organization. After choosing a course, you require to call the Dutch organization straight to find out more about the application due date.
  • Provisionary opening for other application rounds will be 6 June 2019 and 5 September 2019.

For the present application round there is additional budget plan for Masters and Brief courses for candidates of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestinian Territories, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria and Niger.

For additional information, check out Nuffic OKP

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