Application Due Date: 23: 59 ( Paris time) on 24 November 2018

Are you thinking about being more participated in the general public life of your city? Do you feel youths wish to get involved more in the general public decision-making of their cities and areas, however discover it challenging to be heard? Do you feel public laws and services could much better react to the requirements of youth?

Make a brief video (100 seconds max) that addresses the concern: ” How can your city government * enhance engagement with youths?”

The task “ Youth in Public Life: Towards an Open and Inclusive Youth Engagement” is executed by the MENA-OECD Governance Program with the assistance of the G7 Deauville Collaboration MENA Shift Fund. It supports Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan in reinforcing public governance plans for boys and females to participate in public life.

In the structure of the task, the Presidency of the Federal Government and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport of Tunisia arranges in co-operation with the OECD the top-level local youth conference on 27-28 November 2018 in Tunis.


The conference will combine agents from youth ministries, public decision-makers from the main and regional level, youth associations, non-governmental organisations and youths from MENA and OECD member nations to exchange great practices and lessons discovered on how to increase youth involvement at the regional level and how public laws and services at the regional level can much better react to the real requirements of boys and females.


  • Your video need to be no greater than 100 seconds (1 minute 40 seconds) in length
  • Any spoken language utilized in your video that is not English or French need to be accompanied by subtitles in English or French.
  • Your video need to not include violence, obscenity, sex or direct attacks on people or companies. Any entries considered offensive will be right away disqualified.
  • Your video need to be your own initial development– no copyrighted music, video, sounds or images might be utilized.
  • Your video need to not infringe on any 3rd party rights.
  • Your video need to not have actually been produced for payment or published formerly on any OECD Websites.

The Reward

The video author(or a single chosen agent if a group or group development) of the winning video will be welcomed to participate in the MENA Regional Conference on Youth Involvement and Public Life in Amman (Jordan), Automn 2019. Travel costs to and from Amman, hotel lodging and a day-to-day living allowance will be offered the period of those Conference.

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