Application Due Date: 30 May 2019.

The OWSD PhD Fellowship program is administered with funds kindly supplied by the Swedish International Advancement Cooperation Company (Sida) and is provided in collaboration with host institutes throughout the establishing world.

basic function of the fellowship program is to add to the.
development of a brand-new generation of females leaders in science and.
innovation, and to promote their efficient involvement in the.
clinical and technological advancement of their nations.

The particular objectives of the fellowship program are:

  • To enhance access to academic and training chances in science and innovation for young and gifted females finishes from STLCs.
  • To increase the clinical efficiency and imagination of females researchers in STLCs.
  • To empower a brand-new generation of gifted females to presume a management function in science and innovation.
  • To motivate females researchers to add to the sustainable advancement of their house nations.
  • To make it possible for females researcher from the South to work together and network on a local and worldwide level.


1. Prospects should verify that they mean to go back to their house nation as quickly as possible after conclusion of the fellowship.

2. Qualified nations

The list of qualified nations is likewise offered here

Afghanistan Madagascar
Angola Malawi
Bangladesh Mali
Benin Mauritania
Bhutan Mongolia
Bolivia Mozambique
Burkina Faso Myanmar
Burundi Nepal
Cambodia Nicaragua
Cameroon Niger
Main African Rep. Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip)
Chad Paraguay
Comoros Rwanda
Congo Sao Tome and Principe
Côte d’Ivoire Senegal
Dem Rep. Congo Sierra Leone
Djibouti Solomon Islands
El Salvador Somalia
Eritrea South Sudan
Ethiopia Sri Lanka
Equatorial Guinea Sudan
Gambia Swaziland
Ghana Syrian Arab Republic
Guatemala Tajikistan
Guinea Tanzania
Guinea-Bissau Timor-Leste
Haiti Togo
Honduras Tuvalu
Kenya Uganda
Kiribati Vanuatu
Lao Individuals’s Dem Rep. Yemen
Lesotho Zambia
Liberia Zimbabwe

3. Qualified clinical fields

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Astronomy, Area and Earth Sciences
  • Biological Systems and Organisms
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Computing and Infotech
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Medical and Health Sciences
  • Neurosciences
  • Physics
  • Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology

4. Qualified scholastic credentials

The minimum credentials is an MSc degree in among the above listed research study fields.

5. Qualified host institutes

  • Host institutes should be found in a establishing nation in the South(not the prospect’s house nation).
  • A list of advised institutes is offered here
  • Other institutes, not consisted of in the link above, will likewise be thought about if they show proper resources and knowledge.
  • Prospects need to recognize a host institute outside their house.
    nation. They can recognize a more 2 host institutes if wanted.
  • Prospects who are currently on website in the host nation will not typically be thought about qualified.


We highly motivate qualified candidates to begin collecting all.
asked for paperwork as quickly as possible; in some cases it takes weeks to.
get all pertinent letters.

1. PhD research study proposition summary

  • Prospects should send a PhD research study proposition summary (max.
    2.000 words) which need to be a summed up description of the PhD.
    research study proposition.
  • Standards for composing a great research study proposition summary are offered here
  • Prospects are welcomed to study thoroughly these standards and.
    guarantee that their proposition is well structured and clear. The job.
    proposition is provided specific attention at choice.

2. Degree certificates and records

Prospects should send copies of:

  1. all university degree certificates; and
  2. all university-issued records, showing all courses and grades.

3. Résumé

Prospects should send their total CV (consisting of a list of publications, if offered).

4. Initial approval letter

Prospects should send an initial approval letter from a minimum of one host institute.

  • The letter should be signed by the head of department or by the postgraduate research studies planner.
  • The research study beginning date on the initial approval letter should be.
    the year following the application (e.g. if you request a fellowship.
    in 2018 the approval letter need to show the beginning date as.
  • The sample offered here should be utilized for the preparation of this file.

5. Letter of dedication

Prospects should send a letter of dedication from the potential host manager validating that the host institute has the resources (e.g. bench charges, lab devices) needed to carry out the job.

  • The letter need to likewise explain why the host institute is.
    proper for the topic of research study and verify the manager’s.
    interest in dealing with the prospect.
  • Standards for letter preparing are offered here

6. Referral letters

Prospects should send 2 recommendation letters from senior researchers knowledgeable about their work.

  • Standards for recommendation letter preparing are offered here
  • For SANDWICH prospects just: please note that the house PhD manager can not be among the 2 referees.

7. Passport

Prospects should send a scanned copy of the passport page, which consists of individual information (picture, file number and so on).

Prospects obtaining a SANDWICH research study plan must, in addition, send likewise the following files:

8. Registration and No objection certificate

  • Sandwich prospects should send the Registration and No.
    objection certificate prepared by the house institute validating that the.
    prospect is a PhD signed up trainee which there is no objection to.
    her studying at the selected host institute abroad.
  • The certificate design template can be downloaded here and should be finished and signed by the head/director of the house institute.

9. Supporting declaration from house manager

prospects should send a supporting declaration, ready and signed by.
the house manager on letter-headed paper. The manager ought to:

  1. state that he/she wants to support the prospect endeavor part of her research studies at the host institute abroad; and
  2. explain how the research study go to abroad will impact/benefit the prospect’s research study job.


Prospects can pick in between 2 research study plans:

  • a full-time fellowship (optimum 4 years.
    financing), where the research study is carried out totally at a host institute.
    in another establishing nation in the South.
  • a sandwich fellowship, where the prospect should be a.
    signed up PhD trainee in her house nation and carries out part of her.
    research studies at a host institute in another establishing nation.
    The sandwich fellowship is granted for a minimum of 1 and an optimum of 3.
    research study check outs at the host institute. The minimum period of the.
    initially go to is 6 months. The overall variety of months invested at the host.
    institute can not go beyond 20 months. The financing duration can not go beyond 4.
    OWSD especially motivates prospects to think about the sandwich.
    choice, which permits them to make the PhD in their house nation while.
    accessing professional scientists and devices abroad, at the host.

The fellowship assistance is just supplied while the trainee is on website, at the host institute.

The OWSD fellowship covers:

  • A regular monthly allowance to cover standard living costs such as lodging and meals while in the host nation
  • An unique allowance to go to worldwide conferences throughout the duration of the fellowship
  • A return ticket from the house nation to the host institute for the concurred research study duration
  • Visa costs
  • Yearly medical insurance coverage contribution
  • The chance to go to local science interactions workshops, on a competitive basis
  • Research study charges (consisting of tuition and registration charges) in contract.
    with the selected host institute which is likewise anticipated to contribute

The OWSD fellowship does not cover:

  • Bench charges and consumables
  • Assistance for language training, either prior to or throughout the fellowship program
  • Assistance for delivery of research study samples
  • Expenses for computer or software application purchase
  • Assistance for member of the family
  • Extra return tickets to the house nation for individual factors

For Additional Information:

See the Authorities Web Page of the OWSD PhD Fellowships 2019

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