Application Deadline: December 20th 2020

Funded by the SANAD Fund for MSME, in partnership with MEST Africa and Impact Lab, the Pan-African Fintech Accelerator is a six-month virtual program designed for high potential technology businesses looking to scale their business, create global partnerships, and explore North African markets. Ten (10) fintech startups from Uganda, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Senegal will go through a high-impact and tailor-made market integration and immersion program that will enable participants to launch successfully into North Africa and scale their businesses globally.


● Must be a growth stage fintech company looking to have market entry into North  Africa.
● Must be operational in either Ghana, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Uganda and Senegal.
● At least one founder must be a citizen of one of the participating countries.
● Must be a Fintech startup providing solutions in regulatory technology, personal  finance, lending, insurance, payment/money transfer, HR and payroll, wealth  management, accounting and expense management.
● Must have begun operations at least two (2) years before applying for this program
● Must have a dedicated full time founding team with at least 1 female founder
● Have evidence of revenue and a clearly demonstrated potential to scale.

Program Perks:

● Industry-specific training on how to assess and enhance your fintech product, design  thinking, software engineering, business model development, user discovery,  product lifecycle, agile product roadmaps, product testing, data analysis and  business model evaluation.
● Facilitated sessions with North African experts on the local fintech regulatory  environments as well as mindset culture.
● Workshops on leadership, unit economics and business partnerships.
● Industry meet-ups with North-African stakeholders and ecosystem players including  institutional partners, corporates, and ecosystem players such as VCs.
● Virtual one-to-one sessions with pre-identified potential clients or commercial  partners.
● Tailored sessions on go-to-market strategies including coaching on presentation,  pitching and public speaking, as well as support in developing adapted marketing  material.
● Participation in Demo Day where startups will meet and present to an audience of  investors, industry experts, corporates, ecosystem players.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Pan-African Fintech Accelerator and Immersion Program

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