Due Date: August 23, 2019

UNESCO is opening a require abstracts in preparation of a Regional Conference on the style: Governance of Variety: Difficulties and Opportunities for Sustainable Advancement and Peaceful Coexistence in Africa, to be kept in Accra Ghana, from October 10-12, 2019.

This conference intends to offer a platform for understanding production and experience sharing on the governance of variety, significantly multiculturalism, and checking out how finest to enhance both the existing scholarship and scholastic work in this location to support better policy environment, practices and programs for grounding serene and sustainable inclusive societies. In addition, it has to do with recognizing and sharing of existing excellent practices worth leveraging on, along with suitable evaluation system that might be beneficial to keep track of and influence a more systemic technique to keep track of nations efforts to lay the structures for serene co-existence, unity in variety.

The conference is proposed to happen over 3 days. Upon reception of abstracts, a Committee will examine, choose and recommend a program that will consist of a keynote to deal with in a more comprehensive sense the style, and shed more light on the conversations that will be arranged within plenary panels and sessions. Each session will make up panelists with varied background consisting of, however not restricted to academics, professionals, federal government authorities, civil society company, spiritual leaders, standard rulers, along with youth companies. Methods, methods and tools provided by the UNESCO Management of Social Changes (THE MAJORITY OF) Program will be utilized throughout this procedure.

Conference Sub-themes

  • Conceiving Multiculturalism in Africa: Semantic, Epistemological and Philosophical Factors To Consider;-LRB- ***************).
  • Governance of Multiculturalism: An introduction from Pre-colonial to Post-colonial African State;-LRB- ***************).
  • Governance of Multiculturalism and the Forming of National Unity;-LRB- ***************).
  • Native individuals and minority groups: Incorporating the right to distinction in country structure;-LRB- ***************).
  • Reporting variety, dispute and violence in a plural-ethnic society: the function of the Media;-LRB- ***************).
  • Assessing, determining, and improving multiculturalism: What concrete tools, systems and excellent practices to sustain reconciliation and strength for nationwide unity and serene coexistence?


  • A chosen variety of scholarship will be offered to cover the expense of involvement in the conference.


  • Open to scientists and academics, along with professionals from throughout Africa.


Abstracts must be sent out to the UNESCO Regional Abuja Workplace by means of email at [email protected]

To find out more, see UNESCO Regional Conference

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