Due Date: July 15, 2019

Applications are open for the CIVICUS Youth Co-Design Group 2019 In the previous couple of years, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have actually been working a growing number of towards moving standard methods of working and checking ingenious practices in positioning to the brand-new characteristics of the 21 st Century around resident action.

At CIVICUS youth, they are checking a brand-new co-creation and partnership design in between NGOs and specific activists from the Worldwide South, who are not constantly connected to standard civil society structures.

In the spirit of supporting and continuing to reinforce smaller sized and more spontaneous developments of civil society, they are requiring a cumulative 5 (5) to 9 (9) regionally well balanced, varied, innovative and devoted activists aged in between 18 and 35 years of ages to co-design a brand-new program with CIVICUS that will much better resource young changemakers from the Global South. This group will operate in a multicultural, worldwide and multi-sectoral group of young activists to co-design a brand-new program for a duration of 8 months beginning in August 2019.

About the Youth Co-design Group

The co-design group will be a group of young, favorable and ingenious modification makers from the Global South difficult standard structures, imagining brand-new methods of working and creating programs for civil society in a more collective and speculative way.

The co-design, co-creation, collective (CoCo) group is dedicated to checking brand-new methods of relating and questioning power characteristics within civil society to make it possible for youths to thrive with their neighborhoods. This co-design group will be a multicultural and multidisciplinary worldwide group working from another location with CIVICUS Secretariat. Through open platforms and virtual teleconference, the co-design group will provide a procedure for a pilot program to support the work of 10 young fellows/activists originating from various neighborhoods and networks around the world.


  • Co-create a governance design for the style group, in addition to a work prepare for the 8 months ahead, that consists of a decision-making procedure, group responsibility system, functions, timeline, internal interactions strategy and variety and addition structure.
  • Co-draft a research study strategy and interview standards that will record lessons gained from young activists who have actually dealt with organisations that have actually provided comparable efforts to support social motions like the ones in the proposed models: residency program/ alliance structure design.
  • Modify the model proposition of the program based upon the feedback recorded in the interviews and desk research study. Present a principle note that consists of a summary of the findings.
  • Establish a work prepare for the pilot job consisting of an upgraded prepare for the screening stage, a prepare for the launch and an assessment structure.
  • Encourage the recognition and combination of tactical collaborations with other youth organisations to release the pilot program.
  • Provide an external interaction strategy to release the pilot program. Offer guidance on the language and format of the call for applications, application, choice requirements and Frequently asked questions. Assistance the preparation and shipment of a “how to use” webinar in October 2019.
  • Set in motion networks to increase the presence of the pilot job for more young activists to use.
  • Select the very first mate of 10 fellows/activists in November 2019.
  • Style an orientation week program.


  • Each style staff member will be compensated at a rate of USD $20000 a day, for an overall of approximately USD $6,00 0.00 per individual. The agreement quantity for the overall group of approximately 9 people depends on USD $54,00 0.00


  • For Group

    • Representation of a minimum of 4 various areas of the Global South.
    • Groups of a minimum of 5 and approximately 9 members
    • Age of group (choice for 18– 30- year-old employee; prospects over 35- year-old are not qualified).
    • Well balanced gender variety
    • Eligibility of all employee (see listed below)
  • For Specific Employee: In order to be qualified to be part of the co-design each staff member of the group need to show:.

    • Entrepreneurial spirit with an innovative frame of mind and strong crucial thinking abilities
    • Experience in leading training or finding out programs for youths (fellowships, workshops, conferences)
    • Enthusiasm for social motions, human rights and social justice projects, and grassroots advocacy
    • Fluency in English, great command of other languages is a possession.
    • A strong understanding of a minimum of 2 of the following proficiencies:.
      • Job management
      • Research study, assistance and writing
      • Artivism
      • Information analysis
      • Online marketing
      • Knowing/ training programs style
      • Occasion management
      • Variety & Addition
      • Tracking & Examination
      • Grassroots advocacy
      • Social entrepreneurship
      • Imaginative Graphic Style
      • Governance
      • Fundraising

Choice Requirements

Qualified groups will be examined versus these requirements:

  • Complete protection of all the needed abilities for the co-design group
  • Shown effective experience in interacting
  • Comprehending of the task and strategy to work as a cumulative
  • Accessibility to working from another location with a global group (strong web connection)
  • Accessibility for approximately 30 days throughout the course of 8 months, go to bi-weekly online calls, travel to conferences and work collaboratively.


All applications need to be sent through the online application Send just one application per group. Design templates of application files have actually been offered your recommendation. Discover them here

To find out more, see CIVICUS

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