Due Date: December 31, 2018

The May 18 Memorial Structure welcomes elections for the 2019 Gwangju Reward for Human Being Rights. These rewards are granted by the people of Gwangju in the spirit of uniformity and thankfulness to those who have actually assisted them in their battle for democratization and their look for reality. It is hoped that through this award, the spirit and message of May 18 will be celebrated in the hearts and minds of mankind.


The May 18 Memorial Structure is pleased to reveal the call for 2019 elections for the following Prizes:

  1. The Gwangju Reward for Human Being Rights (GPHR): It brings a money award of $ 50,000 USD.
  2. The Unique Reward of the GPHR (SPGPHR): It brings a money award of $ 10,000 USD.


  • The prospects eligible for the GPHR or SPGPHR are those individuals or companies chosen by a certified person or a certified company.
  • An election of yourself will not be considered.


An election for the GPHR and the SPGPHR can be sent by any private or company who fulfills the election requirements. Any election is thought about legitimate if it is sent by an individual or a company that falls within among the following classifications:

  • People or companies who won the May 18 People Award and/or Yun Sang-won Award
  • Previous Gwangju Reward for Human being Rights laureates
  • Organizations in Korea or abroad working for human rights, peace, and reunification of Koreas that have actually been active 3 years or more which the May 18 Memorial Structure Directorate chooses to request their election
  • Any private or company in Korea or overseas that settles on the function of the GPHR


Needed Submission Files

  • Election Type (Download the accessory)
  • 2 ID Pictures (paste them on the designated areas)
  • Other products that can corroborate your activities and eligibility for the award
  • How & to Whom: Via Email to [email protected]

Click on this link to choose

For more details, see Gwangju Reward

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