Application Due Date: Friday 21 st of June 2019

Less than a year back, youth from Africa & Europe established.
originalities on 6 subjects, vital to the AU-EU Collaboration. The result.
( AU-EU Youth Statement and Program) existed at the fifth AU-EU.
Top in Abidjan.

The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Center is where African & European Youth THINK and ACT TOGETHER.

The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Center, introduced in October 2018, has to do with.
turning a few of those concepts into truth; piloting them on a little scale.
however with optimal effect, exposure and result-evidence. With EUR10
million, civil society organisations, and 42 Young Professionals from both.
continents as core motorists.

The AU-EU Youth Center is getting in touch with all civil society organisations to send idea notes for the AU-EU Youth Center Require Propositions. The Call provides EUR 10 million in 7 lots:

Culture, Arts and Sports
Peace and Security
Governance and Political Addition (Responsibility)
Governance and Political Addition (Remittances)
Environment Conservation and Environment Modification
Education and Abilities
Organisation, Task Production and Entrepreneurship
The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Center was chosen by the Paris Peace Online Forum, out of 119 other jobs, as one of the top 10 governance efforts. This election will make it possible for the Center to take advantage of proficiency, exposure and monetary aid from the organisers of the Paris Peace Online forum for the coming year.


1st week of October

Choice of 42 African and European youth to participate in the Center. Intro of cluster staff member and start of preliminary research study and virtual conferences.

27 October– 4 November: Addis Ababa

Very First Center Session: a 10- day workshop with the AU & the EU to specify the scope of pilot jobs. Workshop supported by GiZ.

11-13 November: Paris

Discussion of the A U-EU Youth Cooperation Center at the Paris Peace Online Forum.

For Additional Information:

Go To the Authorities Web Page of the Call for Propositions: AU– EU Youth Center Assistance for Civil Society Organisations

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