Application Due Date: 31 st December 2018.

The call for propositions for the Finnish Federal government’s International Gender Equality Reward is now open up to the general public. The reward, which will be granted for the 2nd time in fall 2019, can go to an individual or organisation working to promote gender equality in a globally considerable method. The award amount for the next reward has actually been increased to EUR 300,000

The reward, developed in 2017 in honour of the 100 th anniversary of Finland’s self-reliance, was very first granted to Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, whose life’s work has actually made her among the world’s most prominent individuals and an example to lots of females and women.

The reward consists of an amount of EUR 300,000, which is planned not for the receivers themselves, however is rather directed to a cause that advances gender equality. Chancellor Merkel gave her cash prize (EUR 150,000 in 2017) to an NGO working to promote the rights of females and kids in Niger. The organisation, SOS Femmes et Enfants Victimes de Violence Familiale, is utilizing the cash prize to develop a property shelter for victims of domestic violence in the Nigerien capital of Niamey.

The Worldwide Gender Equality Reward is granted when every 2 years in cooperation with the City of Tampere. The next reward will be granted in fall 2019.

You can choose a prospect on the reward site till 31 December 2018 at The election type should be finished in English.

Inquiries: Riikka Pakarinen, Unique Consultant (EU Affairs), tel. +35840 5800833, Jorma Korhonen, Senior Citizen Consultant for International Affairs, tel. +358295 160 410, Irina Haltsonen, Communications Professional, tel. +35850 5973744, Prime Minister’s Workplace

For More Details:

Check Out the Authorities Web Page of the Finnish Federal government’s International Gender Equality Reward 2019

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