Application Due Date: March 15 th 2019

The Off-Grid Energy Obstacle was released in 2013 to bring cost effective and renewable resource to rural neighborhoods throughout Africa. Considering That 2013, over $7 million has actually been purchased 75 energy business owners in 9 nations to supply off-grid energy services to rural neighborhoods.

The Off-Grid Energy Obstacle is led by the U.S. African Advancement Structure (USADF) to establish, scale-up or extend making use of tested innovations for off-grid energy to reach neighborhoods not served by existing power grids. Through the Obstacle, USADF and its partners, consisting of All On, General Electric (GE), and Power Africa assistance energy business owners in 9 nations throughout the continent, consisting of Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia. To date, USADF has actually moneyed over 75 African energy business owners, amounting to a financial investment of $7 million in off-grid energy services.

The Off-Grid Energy Obstacle awards grants of as much as $100,000 each to African business offering off-grid services that release sustainable resources and power regional financial activities. Obstacle winners will have near-term services to power the requirements of efficient and business activities, consisting of farming production and processing, off-farm organisations, and companies.

Power Africa is a broad U.S. Federal government effort to drive development by increasing access to reputable, cost effective, and sustainable power and assisting to guarantee accountable, transparent and efficient management of energy resources. Dealing with public and economic sector partners, this effort will attain these outcomes:

  • Increasing electrical power generation;-LRB- ********************).
  • Increasing electrical power gain access to– with a concentrate on both on-grid and off-grid or micro-grid services;-LRB- ********************).
  • Increasing cross-border energy trade; and,
  • Making sure accountable and transparent management of energy resources

USADF thinks its biggest contribution to Power Africa is increasing energy access to underserved neighborhoods in the target nations and setting in motion capital for African energy business owners. We released the Off-Grid Energy Challengeto promote ingenious and sustainable methods to provide reputable energy to underserved neighborhoods.

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Check Out the Authorities Website of the USADF– All On Nigeria Off-Grid Energy Obstacle 2019

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