Application Due date: midnight EST on October 20 th, 2019

The Responsibility Incubator is Responsibility Laboratory’s flagship program for young modification makers to construct sustainable, reliable tools for responsibility, involvement and open federal government. The Responsibility Incubator offers a non-prescriptive, yet encouraging environment for innovative, resourceful people who bring ingenious concepts to influence responsibility in their neighborhoods.

Chosen “accountapreneurs” get one year of hands-on, thorough assistance consisting of: training and knowledge-building, mentoring and management, network structure, and media outreach assistance.

This is the Laboratory’s flagship program.
for young civil society leaders to construct sustainable, reliable tools.
for responsibility, involvement and social effect in their societies.
Chosen ‘accountapreneurs’ go through a sped up 1 year program with.
hands-on, thorough assistance for their concepts and efforts. The.
Incubator offers mentorship, fundraising and management assistance, and.
access to an international network of leading organizations, structures and.

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See the Authorities Web Page of the Responsibility Laboratory Responsibility Incubator 2020

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