Application Due Date: 15 March 2019.

The scholarship program provided by the.
Romanian state, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to foreign.
people, based upon G.D. 288/1993, for the scholastic year 2019– 2020

General conditions for granting scholarships

Variety of scholarships: 85 scholarships for under-.
and post-graduate research studies in Romania, by methods of choice of.
application files, arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).
and the Ministry of National Education (hereafter, MNE), in keeping with.
Romanian present legislation.

Credentials requirements:

  1. Foreign people originating from all the states of the world, other than.
    for EU member states. Foreign people of Romanian origin and those.
    coming from the neighbouring historical Romanian neighborhoods take advantage of.
    other scholarship programs.
  2. The candidate for the scholarship need to not hold Romanian.
    citizenship, did not demand or did not get a kind of defense in.
    Romania, is not a stateless individual whose home on Romanian area.
    is formally acknowledged according to the law, is not a member of the.
    diplomatic corps certified to Bucharest or member of household of the.
    diplomatic corps certified in Romania, has actually not taken advantage of a.
    scholarship from the Romanian state on the exact same core curriculum.
  3. The candidate for the scholarship need to provide research study documents provided by certified/ acknowledged universities, have excellent lead to education, respectively.
    approximately the research study years of a minimum of 7 (7) representing.
    the scoring system in Romania or the “Great” rating
    , as the case.
  4. The candidate for the scholarship is not, till 31 December of.
    the year in which he/ she was chosen, more than 35 years of age–.
    for bachelor and master research studies and 45 years respectively– for doctoral.
    research studies or for postgraduate research studies

The scholarships are granted for 3 research study cycles:

a) for the very first cycle (undergraduate): This plan is committed to.
graduates of high schools or of comparable pre-university research studies, as.
well regarding prospects who need the extension of their research studies in.
Romania. The total cycle of university research studies lasts for 3 to 6.
years, according to the particular requirements of the picked professors, and.
ends with a last assessment ( licență).

b) for the second cycle (master): This plan is committed to graduates.
of university/post-graduate research studies; it lasts for 1,5 to 2 years and.
ends with the defence of an argumentation.

c) for the 3rd cycle (doctorate) this plan is committed to the graduates of university/postgraduate research studies (i.e. master); it lasts for 3-4 years, in keeping with the particular requirements of the picked professors, and ends with a medical professional’s thesis. Admission to a PhD course is conditioned by an entryway assessment.

Steps to send the application files

Application files need to be sent through diplomatic.
objectives. Application files sent by post or straight to the MFA or.
to the MNE, along with application files gotten after the revealed.
due date will NOT be thought about.

3. Enrolment Calendar

The registration duration starts on 14 December2018
The prospect must ask at the diplomatic objective where he means.
to send the application file about the enrolment calendar. The.
due date for sending the application files is developed by each.
diplomatic objective.

Foreign diplomatic objectives certified in Bucharest will send their.
application files to the MFA– Public Diplomacy, Cultural and.
Scientific Directorate (DDPCŞ), accompanied by a spoken note, by 15 March 2019.

Insufficient or non-compliant files with the disciplines.
and approach are thought about disqualified and will not be assessed.
by the MFA committee. The files of the declined prospects following the.
assessment of the MFA and MNE committees are not returned.

Files submitted straight with the MFA or MNE registration workplaces are ruled out

4. Files needed for the application

The application file need to consist of the following files:

4.1. Authorities letter provided by the diplomatic objective of the native land certified to Bucharest or the diplomatic objective of Romania in the native land or home;

4.2. The MFA application ( Appendix 1) for a scholarship in Romania, filled out properly;-LRB- **********).

4.3. The MNE application ( Appendix 2) for the problem of the Letter of approval to study in Romania;-LRB- **********).

4.4. Legalized copies of the gotten research study diplomas
( baccalaureate diploma or its comparable + bachelor’s, master’s and.
medical professional’s degrees, if any) and their legalized translation into among.
the following languages: English, French or Romanian, if needed;-LRB- *********)

4.5. Legalized copies of admission sheets/ diploma supplements associated with graduate research studies and their legalized translation, if relevant;-LRB- **********).

4.6. Legalized copy of the birth certificate and licensed translation in among the following languages: English, French or Romanian;-LRB- *********)

4.7. Copy of the initially 3 pages of the passport;-LRB- *********)

4.8. The medical certificate vouching for the truth.
that the individual registering in the research study does not have infectious illness.
or other conditions incompatible with the necessary research studies;-LRB- **********).

4.9. Résumé of the candidate;-LRB- *********)

4.10 Current images— 2 pieces, passport format

The application file will likewise consist of the following.
files (just for prospects falling within the particular classification.
pointed out for each file):

Evidence of name modification (if relevant)– copy and legislated translation;-LRB- **********).

The certificate testifying the death of the baccalaureate,.
bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral examination, as the case might be, for present.
year’s graduates– copy and licensed translation;-LRB- **********).

Certificate of graduation of the Romanian preparatory year or Language Efficiency Certificate, if relevant;-LRB- **********).

Statement on adult permission in case of juvenile prospects (in among the following languages: English, French or Romanian).

5. Treatment for file analysis and choice of scholars

The MFA checks the application files and provides the files that are.
qualified to the MFA Choice Board. The files chosen by the MFA.
Commission will be forwarded to the MNE Choice Board.

The members of the 2 commissions assess the application files.
according to the clinical proficiencies of the prospects, along with.
the picked discipline.

The Boards will authorize, within the variety of locations, the list of accepted prospects.

6. Statement of outcomes

The choice outcomes will be revealed by 17 June 2019, to each diplomatic objective that has actually sent application files to the MFA. See Appendix 3

To Learn More:

Go To the Authorities Website of the Romanian Federal Government Scholarships 2019/2020

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