SAB Structure Social Development and Impairment Empowerment Awards 2019 (Approximately R1,300,000)

    SAB Structure Social Development and Impairment Empowerment Awards 2019 (Approximately R1,300,000)

    Due Date: March 28, 2019

    Applications are open for the SAB Structure Social Development and Empowerment Awards 2019 The SAB Structure supports and purchases business owners and social development with a top priority in benefitting females and youth, individuals in backwoods and individuals with impairment. The SAB Structure is specifically eager to develop chances for handicapped business owners and innovators.

    The SAB Structure Social Development Awards will be open to any development service that uses a reliable possibility of satisfying a verifiable social and/or financial requirement evidenced by the SAB Structure’s target low-income recipient groups (with a specific focus on development that benefits females, youth, individuals with impairment and those in backwoods), along with showing possible as a sustainable company.


    • Awards can vary from R200,000– R1,300,000 together with company advancement assistance to help with endeavor development
    • In addition to the cash prize detailed above, the recipients are likewise evaluated on a case-by-case basis and place on a customized program with a specifically picked company coach along with a technical specialist.


    • Entries are invited from South African people, innovators, business owners, social business and university departments.
    • Entrants might go into as people by themselves, or as members of a group, in which case one specific group leader will finish the online application.
    • The development got in should be the initial work of the candidate and a real development and/or a substantial enhancement on an existing innovation, item, service, and production approach or company design.
    • Item development covers developments in both products and services, which can be divided into brand-new or better items. A brand-new item has various attributes and desired usages than existing items. It might utilize brand-new innovations, understanding and items or a mix of these. An enhanced item is an existing item whose efficiency is considerably increased; in regards to either increased output or a decrease in expense.
    • Process development is the adaption or development of enhanced methods to provide a service or product. It might originate from modifications in understanding, understanding and understanding. For hardship decrease, procedure developments can increase the level of service shipment to recipients, or make it possible for professionals to reach formerly unblemished groups or people.
    • The development service should have advanced past the “blue-sky” believing phase: there should be some proof of financial investment by the candidate. This suggests that candidates should have the ability to reveal evidence that previous to using, they have actually hung around and/or loan establishing the development: preparation, establishing and checking models, market and market research study, establishing a company strategy.
    • Applications are open to all South African residents of 18 years or older. All entrants should send a qualified copy of their South African Identity File with their online applications.

    Evaluating Requirements

    • Creativity: How ingenious is the service? Is it a substantially brand-new company design, innovation, item, service or production approach?
    • Social Effect: Can the development fix a major social issue which impacts the SAB Structure target groups?
    • Practicality: To what degree is the development service commercially feasible, to guarantee its sustainability?
    • Applicability to SABF Target Groups: Which of SABF’s target groups have the ability to utilize this social development to bring considerable boost to their total lifestyle?
    • Task development: Exists capacity for the development of a considerable variety of direct and indirect sustainable tasks presently or in the future.


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