Application Due Date: 30 th April 2019

Sasol has actually developed a credibility in the market as a company of option. The bursaries program does not vary, it is among the most searched for bursary programs in South Africa. With the shortage of skill in South Africa and worldwide it is important for Sasol to make sure constant accessibility of abilities to sustain our development. The Sasol bursary program is a vital skill lever to allow us to fulfill our tactical and improvement goals. It is a talent-based plan for South African residents, where candidates who fulfill the minimum requirements might be welcomed to a choice interview.

The Sasol Bursary Plan consists of a thorough bundle that covers both monetary along with developmental assistance throughout the research study duration. Bursaries granted are for full-time university research studies in engineering, science and accounting. Upon effective conclusion of the research study duration, trainees might be used within the Sasol Group through the Graduate Advancement Program.

All applications are done digitally, in order to accelerate the choice procedure along with to allow electronic tracking of applications gotten within a specific duration. The variety of bursaries granted each year depends on business requirement. As a result, failure to protect a Sasol bursary is not always due to bad efficiency on the part of the candidate however might be a reflection of inadequate company need.


Grade 12 students need to have attained the following marks in:

BEng and BSc

Necessary topics % Level
Mathematics. 70 6.
Science. 70 6.
English. 60 5.

B Com Accounting

Necessary topics % Level
Mathematics. 60 5.
Accounting. 60 5.
English. 60 5.

If you are currently studying towards the degree course for which you.
are requesting a bursary, you need to have passed all courses for which.
you have actually signed up at the university for the research study duration currently.

  • Applications need to be for full-time research studies towards a scholastic degree at a recognized South African university.
  • Candidates need to be South African residents with a legitimate ID number.
  • All candidates welcomed to participate in an interview should want to go through psychometric screening.


The Sasol bursary is a thorough bursary that includes the following:

  • 100% of the recommended university tuition costs, registration costs and examination costs.
  • A quantity equivalent to the typical rate for lodging in a single.
    space at a university house at the university at which the Sasol.
    bursar is studying. This rate is identified by Sasol in combination with.
    the university.
  • A quantity for meals based upon 3 meals each day, as identified by the university.
  • A quantity of roughly R1200 0,00 per year, towards book and spending money


  • Proposed tuition costs, registration costs and examination costs are paid straight to the university.
  • Costs for lodging are paid straight to the university if the.
    trainee is remaining in university-administered lodging Trainees.
    will be needed to spend for any repeat topics.
  • In cases where the trainee chooses to remain in non-university.
    administered lodging, loan in lieu of lodging and meals.
    will be paid straight to the person. In such circumstances, the quantities.
    will be restricted to that recommended in points 2 and 3 above.
  • Book and spending money will be paid straight to the person.
  • Payments in regard of the above are made two times a year. The very first.
    payment is made at the start of the very first term, and the 2nd.
    payment is made at the start of the 2nd term.
  • Complete information of the payment procedure and the requirements which must.
    be fulfilled are interacted to effective candidates when a bursary has actually been.
  • Effective candidates will be bound contractually to operate at Sasol.
    after graduation for a duration equivalent to the period of the bursary.

What does a Sasol Postgraduate bursary consist of?

Postgraduate trainees get a month-to-month allowance around R1000 0 for.
the period of their research studies (24 months Masters Degree and 36 months.
PhD degree).

Fields of research study

The Sasol Bursary Program provides bursaries on the basis of a.
service-binding (work back responsibility after graduation) agreement.
Applications might be sent for among the following disciplines:

Undergraduate research studies:

B Eng or BSc Engineering B Sc B Com
Chemical. Chemistry (Masters compulsory). B Com Accounting CA Stream ( CTA, PGDA compulsory).
Mechanical. Geology (Hons mandatory).
Electrical. Metallurgy (Hons mandatory).

Postgraduate research studies:

Masters and PhD bursaries in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

University of Innovation:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mine Surveying

Note: No bursaries are granted in disciplines not noted above. Bursaries are not always granted in each discipline every year. Candidates ought to send an application based upon a genuine interest in the field and need to be a South African person.

Choice Requirements:

  • Undergraduate, University of Innovation and Postgraduate.
    applications ought to be sent to Sasol by no behind 30 April.
    2019, for the 2020 scholastic year.
  • Applications ought to be sent online. For more information go to the How do I Use page
  • Applicants, who do not have web gain access to or access to a web.
    coffee shop in their location, might call our Sasol Bursary Application Helpline.
    at 086010 6235 for assistance.
  • All candidates short-listed to participate in an interview will be alerted by the end of May 2019 Notice is done telephonically along with by means of composed correspondence.
  • Choice interviews normally happen throughout the June/July public.
    school vacations each year. Candidates will be evaluated by methods of a.
    structured panel interview along with psychometric tests and for that reason.
    it will be needed of them to remain over in Secunda for one night.
  • Applicants will be repaid for travel costs to participate in the choice day as much as an optimum quantity, as predetermined by Sasol.
  • The result of the choice occasion will be interacted to candidates by the end-of August Please keep in mind that no correspondence in this regard will be participated in previous to this date.
  • Effective prospects will be offered with extensive.
    documents connecting to the Sasol Bursary Program, along with a.
    composed agreement and other documents for conclusion.
  • Bursaries are granted for start in the following scholastic.
    year and no payments are made in regard of research studies currently finished.

For More Details:

Check Out the Authorities Website of the Sasol Bursary Program

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