Deadline: August 30, 2021

Applications are open for the SCAR Visiting Scholar Scheme 2021. The core purpose of the Visiting Scholar Scheme (previously Visiting Professor Scheme), is to build capacity in countries with smaller or less-developed Antarctic research programs. Visits can be either to smaller and developing programs or from smaller and developing programs, so the capacity building process can be proposed in either way.

The scheme was inaugurated in 2013 and it is directed at any scientists and academics (more than five years after completing their PhD) whose work contributes to the research objectives of SCAR, offering the opportunity for them to undertake a short-term visit (from one to four weeks) to another SCAR member country to provide or receive training and mentoring.


  • The Visiting Scholar Scheme provides individual awards of up to USD $5000.


  • Open to scientists and academics (more than five years after completing their PhD) whose research contributes to SCAR’s objectives, as embodied in the Science Groups, Scientific Research Programs and Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • The host institute must be in or operated by one of the SCAR Member countries and must be a country different from that of (i) the candidate’s current position and (ii) the candidate’s origin (although the latter may be waived at the discretion of the Selection Committee). Visiting Scholarships are awarded purely by competitive selection.
  • In order to apply, scientists and academics are required to first contact and liaise with the appropriate host, to secure the support of an organisation or institute undertaking Antarctic research that would benefit from the visit.
  • Both the home and host institutes must be willing to take part in the SCAR Visiting Scholar Scheme.

Evaluation Vriteria

This evaluation will also take into consideration factors such as:

  • the research excellence the visit will provide;
  • how the visit ‘fits’ with SCAR’s place in science and research, and with its research directions;
  • how far links have already been established with the proposed host institute;
  • career stage of the candidate.


The complete application package consists of:

  • Proposal Document: A one-page description of the proposed visit detailing the intended capacity-building activities.
  • The applicant’s CV.
  • Online Application: to be completed by the applicant. 
    Note: the applicant must have both the Proposal Document and CV ready to upload before starting the application process, and optionally a portrait image to be used when announcing the successful applicants.

For more information, visit SCAR Visiting Scholar Scheme.

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