Application Due Date: March 21 st 2019

The Swedish International Advancement Cooperation Company (Sida) has actually commissioned NIRAS Sweden AB to arrange this ITP in cooperation with International Media Assistance (IMS), Fojo Media Institute/Linnaeus University and Worldwide Reporting Sweden AB.

Individuals can be chosen by federal government, media and civil society organisations. Connecting to an emergency of stakeholders in each nation will be especially crucial for institutional modification and hence long-lasting effect.

5 programs have actually been started up until now, with one introduced in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe in 2018 and one beginning with 2019; 2 in Latin America (Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala) beginning with 2019; and one in Asia (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar) beginning in 2019.

Program Goals

The general goal of this program is that the individuals and their organisations ought to add to the promo and security of the institutional structures which govern self-regulation of the media sector.

This can consist of:

• The individuals and their supervisors comprehend the advantages of self-regulation. • Individuals are utilizing their attained understanding in their particular change task.
• Individuals and their organisations are consisted of in local dialog platforms on concerns connected to guideline of the media in a democratic structure.


This program is more than training of people. It is a major capability structure program targeting at real modification towards a more effective and sustainable preparation and imple-mentation of self-regulation of the media.

At the start of the program each individual will, in close cooperation with associates and managers, determine a concept that can add to the accomplishment of both the program goal and the organisation’s own techniques and long-lasting objectives, in addition to change procedure on a nationwide level.

Based upon this concept, an Improvement Task will progress as the individuals are supplied with brand-new understanding, networks and experiences throughout the course of the procedure.

The individuals collaborate in country-teams, supported by a nationwide facilitator in each nation, helped by global professionals (thematic coaches). This assistance will be constant throughout the 5 stages of the program.


At the end of the training program the getting involved individ-uals and organisations will have gotten:

• Increased understanding about media and liberty of expression in relation to media policy, journalism and self-regulation of the media sector.
• Prolonged expert nationwide and global networks.
• Increased awareness of human rights, gender equality and security for reporters and other media stars.
• Increased understanding and capability to start a structured, long term change work within and outside the re-spective organisations.


This program is carried out throughout a 14 month duration and includes 5 stages connected to the advancement of the individuals’ Improvement Jobs.

Stage 1 Creation, May– August, 2019
Stage 2 Course in Sweden, 9– 27 September, 2019
Stage 3 Task Advancement, October 2019– January 2020
Stage 4 Regional stage, 2 weeks in January/February 2020
Stage 5 Execution, March– June, 2020

The following program will officially begin (with a start-up workshop) when the individuals in this program have their last workshop.


Sida will cover the expenses for program cost, literature, accom-modation, meals, medical insurance, and global travel to the arranged courses.Participants and/or their companies are accountable for any other expenses such as:

• individual costs
• visa charges
• domestic travel– in connection to global travel and to conferences in stages 1, 3 and 5
• any regional airport taxes and departure charges or such
• any expenses for program work occurring at the house organisation


Welcomed nations are: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


The program targets people that in various methods can promote requirements and self-regulation of the media sector in the particular nations.

The program management will determine tactically crucial individuals from the media sector, such as media councils, judicial organizations, independent liberty of speech organisations, policy organizations, appropriate ministries, parliamentary committees and independent media outlets.

Regardless of the concentrate on people, the program is mainly targeting organisations and efforts will be made to develop long-lasting relationships with the essential organisations included.

Such collective organisations ought to want to devote themselves to involvement over numerous years and be all set to work together with other organisations in the program, despite the fact that they might have various viewpoints on regulative structures. Capability and interest to drive procedures to attain long-lasting objectives is a requirement to end up being a collective organisation.

Applicants to the program ought to:

• hold an essential position in their organisation, with impact on a tactical level
• have the engagement and power to start and drive modification procedures
• have high efficiency in English
• hold an appropriate scholastic degree
• be offered and determined for active involvement through the entire training program.


All candidates will be informed of the outcomes of the choice no behind May 2019.
Memorandum of Comprehending will be signed by the management of each.
getting involved organisation and by the program management. This is to.
validate each celebration’s obligation and the organisation’s dedication to.
partici-pation and fulfilment of all stages of the training program.

It is just with this MoU signed by both celebrations, that the involvement is accepted.


The application ought to be composed on the unique type connected and consist of a current image.

• Ensure your application is total, appropriate and understandable.
• A prospect needs to be chosen by his/her organisation and the application should be signed by a licensed director/manager.
• A scanned copy of the application ought to be sent by email to itp295 @niras. se
• If a scanned copy is not possible, the initial application will be sent to the nearby Swedish embassy/consulate.

To Learn More:

Go To the Authorities Web Page of the SIDA International Training Program 2019 on Self-Regulation of Media

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