Application Due Date: December 15 th 2018

The Next Generation Social Sciences program, introduced in 2011, reacts to an emerging predicament within college in the international South triggered by the remarkable focus on increasing undergraduate registration without proportional financial investment in professors advancement. The program presently runs to enhance tertiary education in Africa through a series of institutional and specific interventions, producing a pipeline for the advancement of professors and research study neighborhoods dealing with peace, security, and advancement subjects. Presently the program runs in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The Social Science Research study Council provides fellowships to support the conclusion of postgraduate degrees and to promote next generation social science research study in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. The fellowships support argumentation research study on peace, security, and advancement subjects.

The doctoral argumentation conclusion fellowship supports a 1 year leave from mentor obligations and a stipend as much as US$15,000 to allow the conclusion of an argumentation that advances research study on peace, security, and advancement subjects.


All candidates need to:

  • be residents of and live in a sub-Saharan African nation
  • hold a master’s degree
  • be registered in a PhD program at a certified university in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, or Uganda
  • remain in the last year of composing and have actually finished a minimum of one argumentation chapter

Since May 2015, the program focuses on candidates holding a professors position or showing a long lasting dedication to college, however does not limit eligibility to such people.

The program looks for to promote variety and motivates ladies to use.

Thematic Concerns:

The task includes a thematic focus in order to restore fundamental research study programs dealing with peace, security, and advancement subjects in addition to enhance interdisciplinary social science research study capability on these problems. This program likewise provides 2 workshops each year to assist fellows establish and enhance research study concerns, match research study techniques to concerns, engage essential literature in their fields, and produce research study publications.

The program motivates ingenious research study on peace, security, and advancement subjects, moving the limits of scholarship and research study by checking out concrete linkages in between these styles. We picture supporting a varied set of jobs that clarified a series of financial, political, and social procedures utilizing evidence-based research study.

Some jobs, we hope, will analyze massive phenomena and others small social procedures. The greatest jobs usually will check out connections throughout these scales. Some research study jobs will carefully check out aspects of civil society, human rights, peacebuilding systems, and guideline of law. Others will check out source of dispute, human insecurity, and violence. Above all jobs must advance essential disciplines and social science understanding.

Application Process:

All applications need to be sent utilizing the online application website

Strong propositions will use clear and succinct descriptions of the task and its significance. Propositions must show comprehensive understanding of the pertinent social science literature that candidates will engage and the methods pertinent to the task. In addition, candidates need to show that all proposed activities are practical and can be finished in a prompt way. All propositions will be examined for these requirements by an independent, global committee of leading scholars from a series of social science disciplines.

Fellows need to want to go to a minimum of one workshop sponsored by the SSRC each year that are planned to assist early-career professors produce academic publications. We prepare for granting as numerous as 45 fellowships in overall throughout all classifications each year.

Due Date:

The next application due date is 15 December, 2018

For questions or technical concerns relating to the online application website, please contact SSRC personnel from the Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Program:

To Find Out More:

See the Authorities Website of the SSRC Next Generation Social Sciences program 2019 doctoral argumentation conclusion fellowship

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