The 3rd offering of CERM-ESA’s Capability Structure Program for Lecturers and Supervisors (CABLE TELEVISIONS) has kicked-off effectively in Accra today. A group of 25 individuals representing the
West African-German Centre of Quality for Governance for Sustainable and Integrative Regional Advancement
West African-German Centre of Quality for Sustainable Rural Improvement
Congolese-German Centre of Quality for Microfinance
Ghanaian-German Centre of Quality for Advancement Researches and the
— Namibian-German Centre of Quality for Logistics

are taking part in concerns of postgraduate guidance, curriculum advancement and social proficiencies for outstanding mentor. The week-long expert advancement program is the last in a row of 3 worldwide and cross-disciplinary CABLE TELEVISIONS offerings that DAAD has actually sponsored for those speakers, scientists and managers, who add to the success of the Centres of African Quality.

Individuals and facilitators of the CABLES@WA2019

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