Application Due Date: September 15 th 2019

The world’s most distinguished water award, Stockholm Water Reward, honours females, guys and companies whose work adds to the preservation and security of water resources, and to the wellness of the world and its residents. All who have actually made amazing water-related accomplishments are qualified.

The Stockholm Water Reward is a worldwide water award provided each year because 1991 by the Stockholm Water Structure. The reward has actually been developed to honour impressive accomplishments in the sustainable usage and security of the world’s water resources.

ligibility requirements

A prospect for the Stockholm Water Reward will have obtained.
impressive accomplishments of lasting significance for sustainable usage and.
security of the world’s water resources. The outcomes attained by the.
prospect will have shown effect or fantastic possible and offer.
stimulation for even more crucial contributions to the preservation and.
security of water resources and to enhanced health and wellness of.
the world’s residents and environments. The primary accomplishments of the.
prospect must be within one or both of the following classifications:

Policy and Practices

This broad classification covers accomplishments in the continuum from.
political efforts to useful execution that has actually enhanced the.
governance and management of water, as a natural and financial resource.
and/or as a human right and fundamental service. The classification consists of:

  • human rights, dispute resolution, impact on policies, global cooperation with application in the water sector
  • sustainable and safe management of water resources
  • arrangement of supply of water and sanitation services
  • advancement and application of proper innovations

Research Study

This classification consists of both fundamental and applied research study to establish brand-new understanding of and clinical management in:

  • natural, physical, and/or technological procedures
  • the performance of complex systems
  • advancement or enhancement of affordable, legal, institutional or administrative concepts for effective, fair and sustainable water management and service arrangement.


A reward event and Royal Banquet is held at the Stockholm Municipal Government.
as part of the World Water Week. Throughout the event, the Laureate.
accepts the reward from the hands of His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf, King of.
Sweden, main customer of the reward.

The Laureate gets worldwide recognition and exposure, a.
specifically developed sculpture, and 1 million SEK. She or he likewise has the.
benefit of providing a lecture throughout the Opening Plenary of the World Water Week

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